Essential Free Apps For Android

Android phones don’t always get the same amount of choice for apps as Apple phones and it can sometimes seem that the options aren’t as good. If you are an Android user, there are actually a lot of options for great free apps and even free ringtones. Here are some of the essential apps that everyone needs. 

Essential Free Apps For Android

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  1. SMS Organiser. If you send and receive a lot of texts, an SMS organizer can help you keep them all organized. You can sort messages into priority order, properly manage spam texts and back up and restore your messages. 
  2. Swiftkey. Swiftkey works like a better version of autocorrect. It predicts what you’re going to type and uses an autocorrect feature and gesture typing to make writing messages much faster. There’s also a built-in search engine for GIFs and works as a great keyboard for bilingual users who message in more than one language. 
  3. Evernote. Evernote is a cross-platform app for note-taking. You can take notes in several formats, using text, photos, audio, video, and even sketches. This app is ideal to help you keep organized. Evernote will sync across multiple devices and adds a widget to your home screen for fast access. The interface is user-friendly and well organized too. 
  4. Alarmy. If you have a bad habit of skipping or snoozing your alarm then Alarmy can help. It gives you puzzles and other challenges that you have to complete before you can hit the snooze button. You can set the difficulty of the puzzles you have to complete. There’s also a photo mode, where you can shut off the alarm by taking a picture of a registered place. 
  5. WPS Office. This is a free OfficeSuite for Android. It’s compatible with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and can be used for PDF, presentations, spreadsheets, memos, Google Docs and more. It also comes with an added PDF converter, reader and editor. You can share files, and the app supports multi-window mode and data encryption. The app is easy to use and super intuitive. Automatically save your documents to the cloud so you can access them wherever you go. 
  6. ES File Explorer. This is a great file manager, with a space analyzer which can help you to free up space on your device. You can share media with other users of the app over WiFi, and use the built-in app manager where you can uninstall and backup apps. It even allows you to uninstall system apps that have root privileges.
  7. Whatsapp. This is a very popular instant messaging application that allows users to communicate instantly, using the phone’s internet. You can send text and voice messages, share links, images, and location, and make video calls to anyone else worldwide also using the app. It is one of the secure Android messaging apps and it is accessible from desktops too. 
  8. Xender. Xender saves you from having to carry around a USB data cable in order to exchange files with a PC. No PC software is required to transmit or receive files. Xender is much faster than transferring files to any device over Bluetooth, thanks to being cross-platform. 


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