Are Your Excuses Costing You?

Are your excuses costing you?

Most people make excuses all day long. They make excuses about not eating right, they make excuses about not being able to exercise, they even make excuses about not being able to do the washing up. Of course getting things done can be difficult if you lead a busy life; maybe you have a demanding career, demanding children, or both. However, you need to see excuses for what they are; things that make us feel better about not doing what we know we should do. But do they really make us feel better? Maybe in the short term, they justify our actions, but in the long term, making excuses is costing us our quality of life.

When you stop and see your excuses for what they really are and decide to make a change, you will finally become the person you’ve always wanted to be. It’s time to call yourself on your own BS and figure out what you can change.

are your excuses costing you


Not Having Enough Money

Many people say that they don’t have enough money for something. They don’t have enough money to get the outside help they know they need, they don’t have enough money for a gym membership, to go traveling…the list goes on. People have come up with all kinds of weird and wonderful ways to generate cash, and you could be one of them. Instead, you’re choosing to see the world as rigid and stuck, rather than your own talents and abilities. You could generate cash, and you could probably even find ways to get to where you want to be without!

Not Having Time

This is one of the most common excuses out there. Not having enough time to study for a degree, not having enough time to work out, not having enough time to cook proper meals, etc. We do have time. We all have the same amount of hours in the day. Look at some of the most successful people in the world. They are ridiculously busy, but they make time to do things that they know will benefit them, such as exercise. You could make more time by spending less time watching TV, less time on your phone scrolling aimlessly, the list goes on. If you fail to make time for healthy lifestyle changes like exercise now, you’ll have to find time to look for affordable home care later on when you aren’t as mobile.

Not Being Ready

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Nobody is really ever ready to take a leap of faith and do the things they dream of. Anybody who ever passed their driving test will tell you they didn’t feel ready beforehand. If you want something enough, you have to do it anyway! There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect time’.

Not Having Enough Confidence

You need to be confident for something to work, and yet many people think to themselves, ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’, ‘what if I look stupid?’ and so on. What if you changed all of those what ifs? What if you started thinking, ‘what if it does work out?’, ‘what if I look great?’. These thoughts are far more helpful.

So, are your excuses costing you?

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