Experimenting with Clothes Design: 6 Tips to Get You Started

Clothing design

Whether you want to design a new clothing line for your own boutique, for an academic project, or you just want to stand out from the crowd, experimenting with clothes design is the perfect direction to head in. It can be easy to fall into your usual trend and the styles you love, because that is the simplest and most exciting way to find motivation and vision. However, thinking outside the box and trialing different designs will ensure that the look you create is completely unique and mesmerizing. To begin your journey with experimenting with clothes design, here are 6 tips to get you started. 

Invest in Good Equipment 

For those that understand how to make clothes, you will know how important it is to have the right, good-quality equipment. Nothing is worse than a sewing machine that keeps skipping stitches or a blunt pair of dressmaking scissors. If you don’t have a basic understanding on how to make clothes, then you should familiarize yourself with the tools and equipment that you will need for dressmaking. 

Take a Style Risk 

The first step to taking a style risk is to understand and be comfortable with your own style. Once you know what you like to wear and what works for the fashion you are trying to create, then you will be able to combine this with new and risky ideas, to make a truly unique and outstanding clothing design. Failure is guaranteed along the way and you should learn from this rather than let it get you down. 

Watch DIY Clothing Tutorials 

Once you have the equipment set and you have discovered some new ideas, you should look into watching some DIY clothing tutorials to help you get your head around experimenting with clothes design. Even if you are a professional, while watching tutorials, you may discover some new style techniques that you were not aware of and it will enhance your skills in making various clothing items.

Follow New Instagram Pages 

Finding inspiration can be the hardest part about trialing new clothes design, especially if you have been working on or practicing a particular style for a long period of time. One of the best ways to open your mind to new ideas is to follow fashion and DIY clothing pages on social media, particularly Instagram. Here, you can see new styles, patterns, accessories and tips that may work for your trials. 

Use Mannequins and Models 

If you are creating clothes for a boutique, fashion line or a project, then there is a high chance that the clothes you are making won’t work for you. Before getting models to try on the final result, you should use mannequins to create your clothing with the perfect fit. Using mannequins that are covered with foam and wrapped in high quality fabric, as this will allow you to pin and tack on clothing as much as your heart desires. 

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Seek Opinions and Interpretation

There is no better way to improve and enhance your new fashion range than by getting opinions and constructive criticism from others. This could be from the people close to you, classmates/fellow designers, or completely random people on social media. How well you can deal with other people’s analysis of your hard work will conclude the best way for you to seek opinions and visions from others. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone can feel strange and daunting to start with, especially if you are finding it hard to acquire inspiration. However, the first step is always the hardest and once you have made it, experimenting with clothes design will come naturally and it will inspire unique creations.

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