Feel Safe and Secure with the EZ360 Pano from EZVIZ

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Disclosure:  We received this product in order to facilitate our review.  All opinions are my own.

With all of the things that are going on in the world, it is always great to have a peace of mind when it comes to your home security.  It is nice to know it isn’t as expensive as it used to be to have a secure feeling whether you are home or not.

The EZ360 Pano from EZVIZ is just the gadget you will want for your home.

Feel Safe and Secure with the EZ360 Pano from EZVIZ

Features of the EZ360 Pano:

This pano has a triple HD 360-degree panoramic video with 3MP starvis back-illuminated CMOS image sensor and HDR enhancement.  This provides a wonderful immersive video experience as well as a redefining surveillance and monitoring system solution. The unique viewing options with the EZVIZ app allows you to divide your video feed into two 180 degree sections or four 90 degree sections which will allow you to pan, tilt, and zoom in each section that you choose.

With the full duplex two-way audio, you can put yourself in the center of any room with the ability to see, speak, and listen to anything that is happening on the inside.  

Even when you can’t be watching the motion detection and alerts stay alert and will let you know if it detects any activity inside the room.  Since it is smart home enabled it is compatible with Alexa via Echo Show and Echo Dot. Just ask Alexa to show you the office, baby’s room, kitchen or anywhere you have the EZVIZ camera set up.

Dynamic Fisheye Lens

Virtually place yourself in the center of any room with a dynamic fisheye lens allowing you to see every angle around the camera. With crisp 3MP HDR video resolution, you can also quickly zoom in on any part of the frame without losing image quality. Give yourself the viewing power of up to 4 cameras with just one easy to install EZ360 Panoramic camera.  I really love this feature because you are able to see all over the room with the fisheye lens. This is an added plus that I haven’t seen with other security cameras before.

3MP STARVIS/Starlight Image Sensor

I wasn’t sure what the 3MP Starvis/Starlight Image sensor was all about.  What I found out is that it is designed to maintain high-quality images even when a light source is not available.  You will be able to see objects even just at 0.01 LUX. This is a stronger reception than the human eye. This blew me away!    What this means is it is excellent night vision without the risk of the common side effects you get from IR (infrared) like reflection or overexposure.  Also, back up IR light is still included in settings below 0.01 LUX).

Versatile Placement Options

Not only does the EZVIZ have all of the options above it can also be placed on a ceiling, or on a wall.  This gives you complete coverage of any room. You will be able to pan, tilt, zoom each window and have the ability to keep a close eye on separate/ and or specific areas that you choose.

Two-Way Real-Time Voice Communication

You will love the excellent speakers and sound chambers.  The ez360 Pano alarm will make a loud sound across every corner.

Durable metal body with rapid heat dissipation

The unit itself is built with anti-corrosion aluminum so you can feel good about the unit having a long service life, smooth texture and is high-strength.  

There are so many great qualities with the ezviz360 that I feel it is a great product for its pricing point.  Feel good about leaving the house with your sitter, while you are away on vacation, or just while you and your family are out for the evening.  


You can visit their website and social media below.  Also, it is available for purchase on Amazon. (affiliate link).


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Two-Way Real-Time Voice Communication
You will love the excellent speakers and sound chambers.  The ez360 Pano alarm will make a loud sound across every corner. @EZVIZ #ad


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