REMI is The New Child Sleep Companion That Mom Will Love this Mother’s Day

REMI is The New Child Sleep Companion That Mom Will Love this Mother's Day
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Disclosure:  I received a REMI Sleep Companion in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

REMI is a connected and customizable 5-IN-1 baby monitor/clock/sleep trainer and tracker for a baby or young child’s room. REMI offers multiple family-friendly features in a single product:

I can’t get over what all is packed into one baby monitor.  It is a baby monitor, clock, sleep trainer and tracker for your baby or young child’s bedroom ages birth to 10 years of age. I am sure you know of a Mom that could use REMI with their children.  REMI would make a great gift for Mother’s Day, a baby shower, a welcome home with the baby gift.  I haven’t seen a product quite like it.

REMI is One Product with Many Features

    • Sleep Tracker –Parents receive daily data via the app, including temperature, light and sound levels in the room—so that they can adjust them to help little ones sleep.
  • Sleep Trainer– (sleep companion) REMI helps young children, who can’t tell time, understand when to stay in bed/wake-up through different facial expressions. I.e. when REMI displays a face with closed eyes that means children should go to sleep too.
  • Night Light/Alarm Clock– Parents can adjust a Night Light and set various alarms like bedtime or naptime whether they are home or not.
  • Bluetooth Speaker/Music Player– Load favorite songs and lullabies onto REMI or stream audio via a smartphone’s Bluetooth.
  • Two-Way Baby MonitorParents who travel often for work can still listen and talk to their child from anywhere in the world simply by using the app function.

REMI comes in four cute colors: yellow, blue, red and gray.  So it is easy to have it compliment any bedroom decor.  Not to mention that it is a cute product.  The app function is a plus since it allows you to communicate with your child from anywhere in the world.  So although it isn’t quite the same, you will still have the ability to connect with your child even when you have to be away from them.

With all of these cool features what is holding you back from purchasing a REMI for your home?

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