Why Travel Makes You an Awesome Person

Why Travel Makes You an Awesome Person

In 2015, more than 73 million Americans traveled abroad, shattering last year’s figures by a whopping a 7.7 percent. What this means is that more and more people are taking to traveling, especially millennials.

In fact, you could even say millennials are the poster generation for wanderlust: according to U.S. News & World Report, one-fifth of international travelers are millennials.

So, what’s with the increase in travel? Why do so many people have the travel bug? We have our guesses. For one, traveling is easier nowadays—within a couple clicks you’ve purchased your airfare or even private jet which it nowadays much affordable than it used to be (for confirmation, check out Stratos Jet Charters!), and rented that hotel or the apartment or even igloo or treehouse! private jet charter prices

And two, people want to go outside of their backyard and explore other cultures. This is just one reason why travel makes you an awesome person. Read on for more!

Why Travel Makes You an Awesome Person

Photo by Nathan McBride on Unsplash

1. You Grow More

You experience several different situations when you travel, some amazing, others not so much.

These types of situations—whether missing the flight or not being able to find the restaurant—forces you to problem-solve and rely on yourself. And, in doing so, you become more self-reliant and grow.

Yes, you can grow in the comforts of your own home, state, and country. But, unless you make a concerted effort, it may not be as quickly—simply because you already speak the language; you know where the grocery store is; you don’t need to make new friends because you already have several in close proximity to you.

2. You Become More Confident

Because you’re forced to rely on yourself more, you get a boost in confidence. You’ve been there, looking on the map, trying to find Gaudi’s Casa Batló. You’ve eaten steak tartare in Paris—and, in fact, enjoyed it.

If you’re lost, unsure of where the train station is, you’re already thinking and looking up how to say “train station” in Chinese. Instead of freezing (which you’ve done before), you’re actively taking steps and getting yourself around town. There’s something to be said for that.

3. You Realize What You’ve Taken for Granted

Back home, you took long, hot showers or didn’t have to think about the words before you talked. Now, depending on where you travel, you have to spend 5 minutes looking on Google Translate how to say a certain phrase. And, let’s face it, the showers are short and, most of the time, not hot.

From traveling, you realize several amenities you took for granted, not to mention the paved, wide roads and 24-hour stores. Now, you want to make an effort to be grateful for what you have in your home country. But there are customs, culture, etc. that you want to take back with you…

4. You Realize What You Haven’t Taken for Granted

Also, from traveling, you realize several things that aren’t in your home country you want to bring back and make a part of your day-to-day life.

Perhaps the time you spent reading in cafes in Paris makes you want to carve out an hour a day for reading? Or, maybe you had delicious sushi in Japan that you have to (at least) try to recreate?

5. You’re Not That Materialistic

Because you can only fit a number of items in your luggage bag and backpack, you’ve had to make conscious choices of what to bring and what to leave out. In doing so, you force yourself not to rely on material possessions, sticking to minimalism.

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And, surprisingly (but not really), you realize yes, you can survive having fewer possessions on you or in your room. In fact, your mind is a lot clearer and you’re more focused on the experience than what you should buy or not buy.

Most likely, when you come home, you’ll want to clean out your room, apartment, condo, or house ridding it of any unnecessary, well, junk.  

Why Travel Makes You an Awesome Person

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Final Thoughts: Traveling Opens Your Eyes to a World You Never Knew Existed

Didn’t you know Paris has the best desserts? Didn’t you know how exhilarated you’d feel walking The Great Wall of China?

Now that you’ve taken these steps and become an international traveler, you’re not scared of the unknown. In fact, you’re ready to plan your next trip. How has traveling changed you? Leave a comment.


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