Five Must Watch Animated Movies to Relive your Childhood

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Summer holidays were the time when we would be glued in front of the television, watching and absorbing everything that laid in front of us. Those sweet memories were when you watched animated films with your cousins, siblings, or friends. These movies are ingrained and etched in our minds that we would never forget their existence. We even would make it a point to watch these movies with a young-relative. 

Even though some of these animated movies are old, they don’t lose their charm. They remain relevant, and if you feel like taking a journey down memory lane, here are five animated movies that will make you miss your childhood. 

  1. The Greek mythology fan in you Hercules was the deal-breaker, released in 1997 the movie a Disney production focused on Hercules’ story and his ever so sassy love interest. The film was released way before the Percy Jackson series. Hence we could say this was the old gangster of the lot. 
  2. The need of the hour filmToy story, the entire series of the film did wonders on the audience. The cowboy toy with human emotions and the adventures he and his friends the other toys go on made me never want to give my toys away. The way Woody and Buzz quarreled, it felt like a representation of a sibling bond.
  3. For the toughest person in the roomMullan, a Disney production, was a girls’ role model. Breaking away from the stereotypical portrayal of the woman protagonist, in fairytales, Mulan took us through her adventure. She was a one-woman army and brought a sense of strength with her character. The dreams as aspiration as a fighter indeed was inspirational. The question being, would the live-action Mulan do justice to the animation? 
  4. The creative wanderer in youSpirited away made by Studio Ghibli in 2001, showcased a world that no one would have been able to imagine. The Plot, the animation, and overall creativity still leave goosebumps. The plot revolves around a 10-year-old girl whose aim is to save her parents, in a land not known to mere humans. Spirits and mystical creatures are the main focus of the movie. It keeps you wrapped with concentration as you sit at the edge of your seat to see where her quest takes her. 
  5. For the crazy mood swings in youShrek made in 2001 revolves around a grumpy green ogre, is forced to befriend a happy go lucky super excited Donkey (he is actually, only called Donkey). They compliment each other so well in the movie and then enter Fiona, the mysterious, amazing woman who jells with the duo who saves her. The film has references to fairytale and sometimes feels like a parody of the same. 

Final Thoughts 

There is just something about animated movies that capture your attention completely. The list goes on, as ever animation has its uniqueness, and one would never get enough of them. Animated films have a life of their own. 

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