Five Tips for Better Coffee

Better Coffee

Nearly everyone loves a nice cup of coffee in the morning. The day doesn’t really start until you’ve had that early morning dose. But then, you don’t have to spend a fortune before you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee daily. You can make great brews in your kitchen, and this post will show you how. With these tips, you don’t need Starbucks sg for great coffee, although a familiar taste is always delicious!

Learn how to decorate your lattes.

The cute milk decorations on the latte are one of the reasons why they are so enticing. Creating the patterns aren’t as hard to create as you might think. You can learn to make your own latte decorations the same way the barristers learned to – by practicing. There are lots of videos online that show you how to make several milk patterns on your coffee. With a little dedication, you’ll be making beautiful cups of coffee in no time.

Store your beans properly.

There are a right and wrong way to store coffee beans, and how you do it can make all the difference in how your coffee tastes. For starters, not all your beans should go in the freezer. If you want the best taste from your beans, taking them directly from freezing temperatures to steaming water is a bad idea. You should divide your beans into monthly rations. Keep the current week’s stash in an airtight container at room temperature. You can freeze the rest.

Press the beans.

Did you know that coffee made with a French press actually tastes better than coffee made in a drip pot? It doesn’t even matter the kind of French press you use. It will still taste better. When you press your beans, most of the coffee oils end up in your cup and add to the flavor. This is unlike using a drip pot where the oils never get past the filter. Since you’re gunning for great coffee taste, you want all the flavor you can get.

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Roast your own beans.

Roasting your own beans may seem like a long and possible unnecessary process. But then, if you’re going for great coffee, you might as well go all the way. If you can find fresh-roasted coffee beans in your environment, you may not need to roast your own. Otherwise, prepare to make your coffee from scratch. There are lots of useful hacks on the Internet involving heat guns and metal bowls that you can use to roast your coffee.  

Don’t buy cheap coffee filters.

Cheap filters will give you cheap-tasting coffee. It’s as simple as that. For a premium brew, you need premium filters. You should look for dioxin-free paper filters or oxygen-bleached filters. If you’re so concerned about spending a lot of money on filters, you can simply invest in a Swiss Gold coffee filter. They are reusable, and they don’t affect the taste of your coffee in any way. Once you part with a few dollars, you can forget about ever having to buy coffee filters again. 

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