Five Ways to Add Excitement to Your Quarantine Schedule


The monotony of quarantine gets old quickly. While it may be tempting to go out, it can be risky. So how do you shake up the tedium of home life, without going out into crowds? Follow this guide for five fun ways to switch up your days while social distancing.    

Introduce Some Culture  

If your travel plans were interrupted this year, you’re not alone. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some culture from home. Museums around the globe have teamed up with Google Arts & Culture to provide virtual tours available any time of day. There are plenty of choices to let you enjoy some of the world’s greatest art collections. For those looking to make it a classy event, put on your nice clothes, set up some fancy hors d’oeuvres, set your playlist and pour some drinks for an elegant night at the museum at home. Families can make it exciting for kids by downloading some coloring sheets of the art they will see.  

Update Your Skillset   

You may not be able to go to Paris this year, but you can start practicing your French for when you do. Take this time to learn a skill to help you prepare for when travel starts again. There are a variety of online courses to teach you a new skill. Take advantage of this time at home to pursue your passion. From makeup to computers, there are courses for almost everything online to help you get a jump start on learning. You can pursue your interests and potentially even add to your resume. Whatever you choose to study, take care to not take on too much at once.     

Spice up Your Menu  

Speaking of learning a new skill, take advantage of this time to upgrade your cooking. There are different subscription boxes available that provide both fresh ingredients and recipes to help you add some variety to your menu. To get you started, choose how often you want your food delivered and what kind of foods you’re interested in trying. Once you have your meals selected, you can get started learning to cook new dishes. Come out of quarantine ready to amaze your friends and loved ones with a delicious meal. Additionally, with a subscription box, you can limit your trips to the store and lower your exposure risk.    

Get That Beach Body  

While traveling to the beach may not be in your near future, that doesn’t mean you should give up on your body. With all the eating and relaxing, it’s easy to let yourself go a little. However, this is the perfect time to introduce new exercises to do at home. There is a diverse range of exercises to help you get your dream body. Before you get started, identify your workout goals and how much time you can commit, then stick to the plan you made. If you find that you miss days, don’t beat yourself up and keep going. With a little bit of time and commitment, you will reach your fitness goals.    

Soak up the Sun Indoors  

For those who are missing the beach, the internet has you covered. Bars and beaches around the globe have set up live beach cams to give you summer vibes no matter where you are. Build your at-home paradise by putting on your swimsuit, setting up some towels, mixing up some tropical drinks and turning up the volume to hear the waves crashing. You’ll instantly be transported to a paradise right in your living room. Just because you aren’t able to physically go and enjoy your vacation this year, doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Give yourself an at-home beach vacation to help you break up the routine of quarantine life.   

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Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring, add some variety to your day, and enjoy your life indoors. Whenever cities can open up safely, you’ll be ready with new knowledge, new skills and a new you.    


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