Florida Replacement Windows: Things you might not know about Hurricane Windows and Doors

Florida Replacement Windows

Florida is one of the most hurricane-affected cities in the US. For that reason, people living there must adequately prepare themselves for this storm, which requires both constant and diligent effort. That means that every building and structure in Florida must always be ready to stand against hurricanes and everything that comes with it, such as flying objects, strong winds, and rainfall. 

Perhaps you’ve noticed that people rush to protect their doors and windows using plywood or metal panels every time a hurricane is about to happen. Studies show boarding up with plywood is ineffective. The metal panels can help, but there are other rigorously tested and approved products that homeowners in Florida can use to protect their homes. These are hurricane windows and doors. 

Here are five things to learn about hurricane windows and doors that you may not have known in the first place. Something that will lead you to the right replacement windows is hurricane windows. 

  1. Pressure rating

People first assume that a hurricane window is simply a hurricane window, which is not correct. Hurricane windows, also referred to as impact-rated windows, are certified and designed in a way to protect your home from flying debris and wind pressure with the need for an additional protection system like shutters. These Florida replacement windows and hurricane windows are made of storm-safe glass with remarkable impact and pressure ratings, which make these windows strong enough to withstand hurricane after hurricane. To spot a hurricane window and door, look out for its markings and its approval number, manufactured date and certifications. You may also notice the extra thickness of the laminated glass.

  1. Myths concerning hurricane preparation

Most people in Florida have this misconception about impact-rated windows and doors that these devices may not stand against the intense impacts of the storm to protect your home when you leave them open. They believe that leaving your windows open allows air to build up in your home. This is simply a myth that you shouldn’t buy. Other people also believe that if you put some force against your window or door, the storm may not be able to blow it in. This depends on the magnitude and strength of the storm. When there’s a strong wind, with or without the force, it could still rip it off. 

  1. Though all hurricane door and window glass systems are laminated, not every laminated system you meet is impact-rated. 

We would highly recommend not to go for a storm window simply because it’s laminated. This is not enough reason to think that the window in question has passed all the necessary tests to become a genuine impact-rated window. Note that an impact-rated window consists of both reinforced window frames and laminated glass. Additionally, they must meet all the impact-rated testing standards by American society for testing and materials (ASTM) standards to be certified as an impact-resistant window or door. 

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  1. Time of renewal

Nothing in life can hold up forever. Even the impact doors and windows are only rated to function effectively for 10-20 years, depending on the materials used and their brand. It’s, therefore, necessary for you to start evaluating them once they hit ten years. This is an age where you may need to renew them because probably they no longer offer your home or building sufficient hurricane protection. The seals on your hurricane doors and windows may begin to wear, and the glass can lose its strength, reducing your overall hurricane protection. And that is the perfect time to start exploring other options for hurricane windows and doors replacement. There are several best-rated brands in the market to choose from. 

  1. You don’t need to activate your hurricane doors and windows pre-storm

You’d see people running up and down in Florida when a hurricane is about to hit them. Their plates are usually full, from putting an emergency kit to packing in enough food to prepare for the storm. The one key advantage about hurricane doors and windows is that you rest assured that once you install them, they’ll protect your home or building 24/7. You can then worry about other things but not this one in particular, not unless it has served you for 15 years or so. These devices also protect your home when you’re out against some unexpected weather changes.

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