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It’s undeniable, learning new skills is great for your brain. Whether that’s to improve your memory, cognitive abilities, creative thinking, decision-making… the list can go on and on. Some of us tend to be put off learning new skills because it sounds all very academic, demanding a whole lot of effort and time. In this post, we’re going to cover a few tips and ideas you can try if you’re looking to give your brain a boost and learn new skills whilst having fun.

  • Choose something you love

It sounds incredibly obvious, but if you are trying to learn something you are not interested in or don’t like, you’re just going to make things more difficult for yourself. Think about what YOU want to learn, not what others think you should learn. There are so many topics to explore, so many activities to try so make sure to think about why you’re choosing something in particular – it will also help you stay motivated to keep learning!

  • Exercise to learn new skills

We’re always told that exercise is great for our health, but what if you focussed on the skill-side of things, with the added benefits of the exercise as an extra? Learn a dance routine, learn how to juggle, how to do a handstand or even walk on your hands, why not! With some daily practice, you’ll be able to master a new ability in no time, and as you’re working toward a specific goal you’ll have more fun practising it. Get creative and soon you’ll be able to show off your moves!

  • Build models and puzzles

Building a puzzle can seem like a common activity to do on a rainy afternoon but it has a number of benefits that may surprise you. Even as an adult, solving puzzles can be a great way to boost some brain functions while you unwind. This would include improved memory, spatial reasoning, attention to detail or even collaboration if you’re working with someone else.

Alongside these cognitive skills, you can also learn more concrete abilities if you’re building a model. It can seem like intricate work but most of them come with detailed instructions, so there is no room for guessing. Modelling is a great way to improve many skills such as cutting, drilling, painting, sanding and even photography if you want to show off the final product. You could check out the different models available on ModelSpace to get started.

  • Use an app

Nowadays you can find an app for pretty much anything – including boosting your brain and increasing your cognitive abilities. Whether that’s problem-solving, learning a new language, improved memory and other key skills. Using an app can make the experience fun and interactive and some offer the possibility to only dedicate a few minutes of your time if you’re quite busy. Some popular options include Elevate, Peak or CogniFit, or Duolinguo for languages.

See Also

  • Take care of plants

Whether you have some house plants, a few flowers on your balcony or a garden, taking care of plants can be a very therapeutic activity that can require some knowledge at first. Why not try to grow your own herbs or plant some vegetables? Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you could grow a few kitchen staples in no time. Try reading some books or simply browse online – there is a wealth of information so even if you’re a complete novice you have the potential to become a pro gardener!

We hope these few tips have inspired you to pick up a new skill without it feeling like a hassle! What have you been learning lately? Let us know in the comments below.

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