Gas vs Electric: 6 Major Reasons to Choose Electric Hot Water Systems

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The lifespan of a hot water system is about 8 to 12 years, so you’ll have to replace your water heater very soon. Before you buy, know that there are two types of hot water systems. A gas hot water system uses burning fuel (natural gas), whereas an electric one uses electrical resistant coils.

According to research, the electric water heater market will most probably cross the $30 billion milestones by 2022. It’s evident that electric water heaters are gaining more popularity now than ever, which means a steep decline in gas heaters’ purchase.

Keep scrolling to know why you too should choose a good electric heater over an out-dated clumsy gas heater. You can also read out tanklesswaterheaterworld.

Very affordable

An electric hot water system is lesser expensive to purchase and install. Gas water heaters may seem more pocket-friendly, but the costs you have to bear for extensive piping and vent installations are not so reasonable. The setup of a gas hot water system is expensive and complex. The cost of electric water heaters depends on the size you’re going for, and most of them are affordable. They do not require any new installations being made as they use what is already set up.

Easier to Install 

Their installation is easy. All you will need for them is a power socket and an entry point. They come with an integrated electrical wire to carry the power, and you can easily join them with your existing pipes.

More efficient  

In the fight between a gas and an electric hot water system, the electric water heater gives a big nod to an efficiency perspective. Their efficiencies are compared on the basis of the EF (energy factor) number. Electric water heaters have EF numbers above 0.9, whereas EFs for gas water heaters range between 0.5 to 0.7.

The default combustion and ventilation of gas water heaters allow heat to escape, which leads to a wastage of energy. On the other hand, electric water heaters require no ventilation. Moreover, there is no tank for water storage. You get the water as and when you need it, and that means lesser energy would be spent on keeping the water hot inside the tank.


When you own an electric water heater, you don’t live with the risk of gas leaks, which have often caused fatal explosions. The maintenance needs of a gas water heater are high and call for frequent checks on the gas line. However, an electric heater does not create the need for regular checks. Nowadays, you could get a smart electric hot water system too; they have automatic turn-off features that switch the power off when the water is heated. To know more about such electric water heaters, visit website.

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Most houses can use electric hot water systems. Almost every house is tied to an electric grid, which can support an electric water heater. However, for a gas water heater, your home would need to get a gas line connection and a regular propane supply. Propane supply is a high-maintenance choice and can be tricky to find in rural areas. Finding electric sources is easy no matter where you live.

Longer lasting

An electric hot water system is a long-term investment! Many gas hot water systems last up to a decade at their maximum, but electric ones are capable of lasting well past fifteen years too.

Now that you have discovered the benefits of choosing electric hot water systems, what are you waiting for? Provide essentials to your home in a smart way!

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