Unlock Your Computer with Your Presence with GateKeeper KeyChain

Unlock Your Computer with Your Presence with Gatekeeper KeyChain

 Wireless Key – Unpickable Lock

Are you ever nervous that someone is going to be able to get into your notebook, desktop or tablet?  You can now feel safe with a GateKeeper KeyChain.  It packs a lot of punch so do not let its size fool you.

*Disclosure:  This product was received from GateKeeper for review purposes only. All opinions in this post are my own nor was I not paid to endorse it.

Unlock Your Computer with Your Presence with Gatekeeper KeyChain

What Does the GateKeeper do?

It is a wireless key that you will carry and acts as an authenticator.  When the key is in range, the GateKeeper software authenticates you and will log you on.  When the Key moves out of range, the software for the GateKeeper automatically locks the computer for you.  Pretty cool right?

It has military-grade encrypted credentials.  You can feel good knowing that with their military grade AES256 encryption and is stored on the computer itself.  You do not have to worry about your private information being stored on the Key!  Nothing is ever transmitted over the air, so your privacy cannot be detected.

Unlock Your Computer with Your Presence with Gatekeeper KeyChain

Pros of the GateKeeper

  • Real-time authentication means the software responds instantly to your movements. This is one thing I really love about the GateKeeper.  When I have traveled I might have walked just a little ways from my computer or tablet.  I would have to keep looking back to make sure all was well.  Not that I do any high profiling work, but a lot of my personal information is housed on my laptop.  I do not need a stranger gaining access to it!
  • Users are authenticated when they are in the range of the computer.
  • Adjustable range from inches to 30 feet.-This feature is also a great advantage.  Possibly 30 feet is too far in some locations where in others it is just fine.  You are able to adjust this.
  • Auto-Unlock feature for smooth, instant access.
  • Advanced authentication for heightened security and meeting compliance mandates.

Modern 2-Factor Authentication

  • GateKeeper plus your PIN gives fast, secure access.
  • Provides higher threat mitigation security than automatic unlocking.
  • Set a 50 or 100 character password – just use your PIN to log on easily & securely.

You will definitely feel a great sense of safety with the GateKeeper KeyChain.  It is a perfect gift and affordable, especially for what you are getting in return.  They also offer a discount if you purchase multiple GateKeepers. Visit their website here.

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Great for use in your business, at school, while traveling, there are just so many possibilities! Mention it to your boss or to your teacher.  So many people will benefit from using a GateKeeper KeyChain.

Also, make sure you visit their Kickstarter HALBERD KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN which starts 12/6 at 12pm.  I will be writing about this next month!

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