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Spacious livingroom

Go With the Flow When Planning Rooms

If you are looking to give one of the rooms in your home a refresher but don’t have the budget for a lot of new furniture, think about changing the layout instead. There are a few basic rules that can make this an easy process that brings new life to your living spaces.

Spacious livingroom

Room Layout Don’ts

Stay away from these pitfalls when organizing a room from scratch or when introducing a new layout.

  • Don’t interrupt the flow – Make sure walking paths are unobstructed.
  • Don’t make the TV the focal point – If there is a window with a view or a fireplace, that’s your highlight.
  • Don’t try to cram – Huge furniture in a small room is not a good use of limited space.
  • Don’t push everything to the edges – Creating several seating areas instead is a better idea.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match – Not every piece should be heavy or light. Combine furniture weights.


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Furniture Arranging Dos

Here are some quick rules of thumb that can help you make the best layout decisions for your space.

  • Do arrange furniture on the diagonal when you can. It offers a fresh viewpoint.
  • Do leave room for kids to play in a family room if you have young children.
  • Do remove extra clutter – Your rooms will seem bigger when you don’t have piles on every surface.
  • Do think outside the box – Asymmetrical arrangements can work well for casual spaces.
  • Do plan to chat – Think about where people would most likely sit when they want to have a conversation.
  • Do look for versatility – Try to include pieces that serve more than one function, such as a table that’s also a desk.

If you are considering changing the furniture placement in your home, there are many places you could start. If you need help with inspiration, try one of the many online room planning programs before you get started. It can give you a new perspective on your furniture and other belongings.

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