The Golden Age of the TV Industry

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The Golden Age of the TV Industry: Exceptional Viewing Experience at Affordable Rates

Since its inception in the 1930s, the TV industry has been continuously expanding, and it has achieved various milestones that always sparked the viewers’ desires in each era. From the dazzling “Star Trek” series of the 1960s to the mesmerizing “House of Cards” series of the current age, we, the viewers, always desired to get the exceptional viewing experience at economical rates. The expansion of digital technologies has transformed the entire scenario of the TV industry. The current golden age of the TV industry endeavors the availability of user-friendly TV content 24/7 across the globe utilizing the latest digital technologies. Therefore, cable and satellite TV providers gather the attention of their customers by delivering top-class content in HD quality at affordable prices. Nowadays, media houses are also employing big data analytics to determine the interests of their users and provide them with cutting-edge TV services. It assists TV service providers to gain insights about their audience and craft their channels as per the desires of their viewers. Currently, a vast population of Americans watches almost five hours of TV daily. Approximately 50% of Americans houses are subscribed to cable or satellite TV providers such as Charter Spectrum, Xfinity, DirecTV, etc.

Features of Charter Spectrum TV:

Charter Spectrum provides digital solutions to millions of customers in more than forty states of the USA. It offers telecommunication services for cable TV, internet, and voice at economical prices. Spectrum emerged in 2016 after Charter Communication unifies the Times Warner Cable and Bright House Network. Let’s explore the outstanding features of the Charter Spectrum TV that deliver the excellent functionality and entertainment to its users at low rates.

1.    Popular and Premium Networks in HD Quality

With Charter Spectrum TV, users get the remarkable viewing experience in HD quality along with free DVR service. Viewers watch the best entertainment with favorite and premium sports, news, and family entertainment networks like ESPN, HGTV, HBO, HBO GO, TMC, STARZ ENCORE, NFL NETWORK, CNN, and a lot more. Now, users can record their favorite shows and movies with the free DVR facility that records a single or series of shows simultaneously up to 600 hours.

2.    Thousands of On-Demand Choices

One of the fantastic features of the Charter Spectrum TV is free of cost availability of thousands of On-Demand choices. Users can enjoy newly released blockbusters movies, shows, songs, etc. on their cable TV anytime. Just place the request of your favorite content and gain immediate access to thousands of movies, videos, and favorite channels like FOX®, CBS®, ABC® and more. With Premium On-Demand, customers need to subscribe to premium channels and various top-rated movies and programs. If you are into epic fights or live musical concerts, you can get instant access with Spectrum Pay Per View service.

3.    Spectrum TV App- Take Your TV Anywhere

With Spectrum TV app, now you can take your TV along with you anywhere without any hurdles. Download the app in your portable devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. and enjoy more than 170 HD premium quality network including live streaming on the go. With Spectrum TV app, every screen becomes a TV screen with complete functionality.

4.    Ideal Coupling with the Internet

Charter Spectrum TV perfectly pairs with the Charter internet.  This pairing permits users to enjoy their favorite content with the dazzling-fast and consistent internet connection. Customers can enjoy live streaming of sports, news, and entertainment channels whenever they desire. One of the significant attributes of the Charter internet is the free provision of Security Suite that offers perfect protection of cable TV and other portable devices from online threats. Security Suite detects viruses, malware, and malicious content and mitigates these immediately.

5.    No Service Agreement

In the current digital technologies era, every cable TV provider requires the users to sign up for a contract for their services. The contract policy sometimes severely affects the budget of the users. However, Charter does not believe in any agreement policy with its consumers. It offers all of its digital services without any contract at affordable rates. Customers can always subscribe to any Charter cable TV package whenever they want without signing an agreement. Besides, Charter also buys out your contract from the previous provider and pays a termination fee of up to $500. Call Charter customer service, if you wish to subscribe for the cable TV service or other fantastic bundle deals.

Spectrum Incredible Bundle Deals:

Charter offers three fascinating packages to its users at reasonable prices like Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver, and Triple Play Gold. Consumers can get the fantastic blend of enjoyment and functionality with these package tiers. With these package tiers, customers can avail a range of Charter Spectrum deals along with thrilling-fast internet, and unlimited local and worldwide calling facility.



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