8 Most Amazing Destinations to Drive to This Month

8 Most Amazing Destinations

For those who are planning a surreal escape this month, a road trip might just be the best option. With summers getting unbearably hot and rain gods playing hide and seek, extended sessions on bikes or cars are something every individual must experience. Moreover, a road trip is probably the most hassle-free idea to travel across the country as the long, unending stretches often connect you with nature in the best possible manner.

While they offer a well-deserved break to the traveler, these trips hardly require an extensive checklist to abide by. It’s basically more about packing the bags, stuffing the garrison and heading straight towards the destination.

The frequent detours, sudden stopovers, and intermittent contemplations– all add substance to these getaways. While there are many destinations to look at, these eight places and the picturesque roadways leading to each are absolute delights for the travelers.


  • Heading towards Manali, via Mandi


Probably a travel cliché, the road trip from Shimla to beautiful Manali needs to be on top of every travel itinerary. Driving through Mandi means menacingly trudging alongside the Beas River which eventually allows you to unwind in the best possible manner.

The 250 km stretch eats into a lot of time, courtesy the hilly terrains, but the experience is certainly worth those additional hours.


  • Traveling to Tawang from Guwahati


A road trip that encompasses two challenging yet rewarding ends; the getaway from the scenic Guwahati to Tawang is marked by beautiful terrains and an unending, 520km stretch.

While this 10-hour long driveway might not be suitable for the first-timers, it is nothing short of life-changing for the more experienced travelers.


  • Treading Across the Manali-Leh Highway


Words aren’t enough if we were to describe the beauty that Manali-Leh stretch offers. This tripping, 479 km stretch is more of a cruise at its snow-clad glory which is only functional for 5 months.

So, if you are planning to head over to Ladakh via the Manali-Leh highway, this would be the best possible time to chalk out a road trip. A three-day schedule would be enough as travelers must keep a spare day for acclimatizing to the climate.


  • The Minimalistic Mumbai-Pune Expressway


For the locals who find it hard to manage time for elusive locations, traveling to Pune via Mumbai-Pune expressway can be a rewarding experience. The 93 km route is a more like a charm and can be covered in the twinkling of an eye.

The green foliage looks great, and the picture-perfect surrounding adds a lot of value to the entire road trip.


  • Heading Towards the Araku Valley


A road trip from Vishakhapatnam to the Araku Valley is definitely a sight, straight from the heaven. Be prepared to witness the association of Eastern Ghats with the Bay of Bengal, on your way to the Araku valley.

The 116 km road has many stopovers like the Borra caves and Tatipudi reservoir, which further amplify the traveling experience.


  • Experiencing the NH-203, From Puri to Konark


Needless to say, the 36 km, Puri-Konark stretch is short yet memorable. One of the most picturesque stretches in the Eastern part of the country, traveling across the same is more of an elixir for the photographers and nature lovers.

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  • The Grand Yet Subtle Nathu-La Pass, Connecting Lake Tsomgo To Gangtok


The north-eastern part of the country has the most beautiful locations for the road-trippers. Traveling from Gangtok to Nathu-La pass is a 55 km affair with Lake Tsomgo adding to the grandeur. The existing terrain and tempting mountain ranges cumulate into a memorable journey.


  • The Jaipur-Jaisalmer Stretch


Leaving the desert out of the discussion would be unfair to the western part of the country. Driving to Jaisalmer from Jaipur involves crossing the grand city of Jodhpur which in turn shows the true colors of beautiful Rajasthan. Enjoy the stopovers while diving into the sumptuous Rajasthani cuisine.

Driving towards some of these locations can be tough and certainly not advisable for the novices. That said, an impulsive traveler can always evade presumptions and cautionary measures by having car policy or car insurance in place. Why?

Well, think about it for a minute. Anything can happen when you go on your road trip. Not to scare you, but you might get in an accident, or your car may get damaged or stomped on by a band of mischievous monkeys.

Fortunately, these “what ifs?” cannot put a roadblock between you and your big adventure, all thanks to car policy. Just add the car insurance checkup to your pre-trip checklist, and you are all set. A comprehensive car policy will cover against:

  • Third-party damage
  • Injury/damage caused to you and your car due to the accident
  • Damage caused due to fire, vandalism
  • Damage caused due to weather conditions etc.

The Bottom Line:

Going on a road-trip is nothing short of once in a lifetime experience. So, purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy in advance for making your experience, even more rewarding.


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