Great Ways to Make Your Wedding as Individual as You Are

Great Ways to Make Your Wedding as Individual as You Are

The latest wedding trends range from pared down and understated to bold and bright, but one concept is always timeless – and that’s being yourself.

Great Ways to Make Your Wedding as Individual as You Are

We know you want the day to be right for your relatives and friends – and include lots of things they’ll like – or approve of.  That’s understandable. But if you’re the wedding’s really ‘you’, the joy of the event will be infectious – and they’ll love it, don’t worry. 

Think about things that are special to you

If you already have an image of how you want your special day to be, let your creative flair come to the fore. Or, if you have a color, design style, favorite flower or poem that means something to you, maybe think about how to incorporate it.

Weddings are becoming much more individual – it’s a key trend this year too; but how you interpret that is absolutely your business.

Think outside the box

Some great concepts for an individual wedding day come from thinking outside the box and letting your creative juices flow.  Look at unexpected venues; has anywhere you’ve visited struck a chord with you perhaps – and do they host ceremonies?

Great Ways to Make Your Wedding as Individual as You Are

And don’t be afraid to do something different with flowers – have boho blooms if you like them, or bright orange gerberas in your bouquet.  

Ask for unconventional gifts, instead of the usual wedding list standards, particularly if you’re a more mature couple.  Or, if this is a second or third wedding, you probably have plenty of the household items people usually ask for.

Have black and white or more relaxed official photographs if you fancy – just don’t ask a family member to take them, however tempting that is. It’s usually best to choose a professional photographer if you can – it saves arguments (and blushes), and ensures you have beautiful mementos.

Hire musicians to play your favorite songs

Why not hire a band to play the music that really means something to you at the reception – whatever style that is?  You don’t have to stick to a certain formula – there are lots of options available for your event nowadays.  

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From musicians who cover contemporary songs to funk and soul classics or dancefloor fillers  – the choice is yours. Or you could pick a band who cover modern songs in a more traditional or unusual way – this website offers plenty of choices. 

Maybe your mum, or daughter, would love a mariachi band covering Beyonce – they might just not know it yet! 

Be yourself and let your true colors shine

The key to enjoying your day, as we’ve said, is to make the event reflect you as much as possible – it’s your wedding day after all.  We’re not suggesting you don’t take your guests likes into account – just don’t ‘people please’ too much. 

Doing what’s right for you is often the boldest decision you can make, but it’s worth it – for everyone.  So why not follow a key trend that matters most in the long run – being yourself and letting your true colors shine?


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