On Your Guard: Staying Safe on Your City Break

On Your Guard: Staying Safe on Your City Break

Having plans to take a break and spend time in the city is exciting but it’s not a period to be naive. While the scenes and sights are at your disposal, be on your guard. Stay safe on your city break.

Ignore the Panhandlers

There are those who devote hours, days, and weeks in standing on a corner and asking for change. It’s a powerful sight for many who do not want to see others living in such situations. It is suggested, however, to ignore the panhandlers and avoid taking out your money, for you don’t know who may be lingering about watching how much you have and where you keep your wallet.

Pickpockets Work in Teams

You will come across those who are asking for money, looking for directions, or mistake you for their relative. Be wary of those who are stopping you on the street or standing around the scene. Pickpockets usually work in pairs. The person who is speaking with you (the distraction) may not be the one taking your wallet.

Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

Do your best to blend in with the rest of the locals. Appearing like a tourist will draw attention to you. While plenty of people are willing to help with directions, you don’t want the attention of scammers and those scheming to take your tourist dollars. Also, be mindful of the place where you keep your credit cards and loose cash, preferably using your inner-breast pocket.

Know the Fastest Route

You may not be local, but it doesn’t take much investigating to figure the fastest route between two points. Ask the helpful staff at the Marriott Newark Airport hotel or use an existing Uber service while you’re in the general NYC vicinity. Actually, you may find that walking is a cheaper and healthier alternative.

Don’t Buy High-end Products

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Major cities host an array of scams. A popular one features vendors selling items that are usually astronomically priced for a fraction of the regular cost. They will tell you all sorts of reasons why they can offer that price and how it’s your lucky day. If you’re okay with purchasing a ‘knock-off’ of the regular item, then proceed. However, most are embarrassed to find they have purchased a decoy.

Walk By the Street Performer

You’ll encounter tons of performers. If you can’t help but be captivated by the scene, hold your possessions ahead of you with your hand on them. It’s common for scammers to work in teams; a performer will take the attention of onlookers while their partner takes what is in your pockets.

Dress Humbly

You may have plans to go out to an expensive dinner and then a popular nightclub. Do your best to hide your expensive name brand items under an old overcoat. Dress humbly while out and about. The city has seen its share of celebrities for decades. You’re better off keeping how good you look a secret until you get to your destination.

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