How Do I Surprise My Groom for a Wedding

Groom for a Wedding

By now, my groom and I have made up our minds. It is us for the rest of our lives. It is one of the best moments of our lives I wish would last forever. That is why I’d do anything to make this period last. A wedding is here, and I need to surprise my groom. But how do I do this? Let’s find out!

  • Take crazy pictures of me

Our romance life just started. We’ve had flirting moments before, and it’s time to take it to another level. I need to be tempting and seductive.

He is my husband. I already said yes. Still, I have to remind him why he chose me. One way is by taking crazy photos of myself. Let him see some skin again and feel his chills trickled. 

My groom needs to feel his blood run cold and hot at the same time. 

  • Surprise him through his stomach

It is believed the most accessible entry to a man’s heart is via his stomach. While I already got his heart, I need to remind him what he should expect for the rest of his life. I could prepare breakfast for him and serve in bed. Another option is doing lunch or dinner and cooking him his favorite dish.

By the time he is done eating, he will be nodding his head in disbelief. I should do this as a surprise. Perhaps invite him over to my place for something else. By the time I’m doing the invitation, the food should be ready. I could pull the surprise upon his arrival.

  • Do a love message

That period just before, during, and after a wedding is usually busy. During this time, my groom is under pressure trying to settle and plan things. This is the perfect time to write him a love message and remind him how I love him.

I could also include how strong and a hero he is in the message. The way he cherishes and loves me, I am sure the message will uplift him and lay some pressure off him. It would also be a surprise.

Now, with this one, timing is critical. What time should I send the message? Well, the morning is the best time. I could send the news just a few minutes before my man wakes up. Or wake him up earlier than usual then deliver my message. It works so well.

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To make it more surprising, I could fake an argument just before he sleeps. When he wakes up to a love message, then it would hit the right corner of his heart. Although I should be cautious with this one not to spoil things.

The Bottom Line

There is no limit to surprises. The only thing to do is be cautious not to surprise yourself because you may pull a move that could spoil the moment. That is why engog entertainment is there to help you out!


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