How Much Energy Vampires Cost You Per Year?

energy vampires

Energy vampires are much more dangerous than regular ones. Garlic won’t scare them off, and the energy that they consume will make you scream when you see the bills. All the jokes aside now, energy vampires are what we call the wasted electric power used by unused devices, and you want to make sure that they are not present at your household. Here’s what you have to know about them.

How much money is wasted by them?

When it comes to the US, almost $20 billion every year is wasted by energy vampires. It means that every household in America lost $170 because of the appliances that we don’t even use. 

How can you avoid these costs?

There is only one solution, and one answer to this question – be more responsible. Turning off the light once you’re leaving the room is, of course, praiseworthy, but step up your energy-saving game. 

How many times has it happened to you that your charged mobile phone has been leeching energy for hours? Very likely a lot, so your very first step should be to avoid it. Also, make sure that you’re using power strips, which will allow you to shut down a few electronics at once. 

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Choosing an inexpensive energy provider is significant. However, even if you use Texas Electricity services, but you don’t care about energy saving, you’ll pay a lot.

If you’d like to learn more about energy vampires, know where they are, and how to kill them, make sure to check out the infographic below:

energy vampires

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