How Non-Original Canon Cartridges Could Save You Money

How Non-Original Canon Cartridges Could Save You Money

If you own a Canon printer then you may be feeling sick of the highly priced ink that you feel forced to buy every time you run out. So many consumers complain that Canon printer ink is too expensive but they do not know that there is a solution – replacement ink. Check out our guide and find out more about how replacement ink can save you money and produce better results then you had ever imagined possible.

Replacement Ink Is Fuller

The first great thing about replacement ink is that each cartridge is going to be fuller than the genuine ink version that you usually buy. The reason for this is that genuine ink suppliers like Canon make consumers feel like they have to buy their ink from them and so can afford to con you with a partially filled cartridge.

When you choose a replacement ink cartridge you will get a fuller version because the company needs to keep your custom in order to stay afloat, meaning that you get more ink every time and they get your custom the next time you need a top up.

You Only Pay for Ink With Replacement Ink

When you pick up your Canon 245 246 ink you may not realise that the genuine versions are costed to include the price of large ad campaigns, printer parts, staff costs and much more. These costs combined result in awfully expensive cartridges that are difficult for us to afford.

Opting for a replacement cartridge means lower prices because smaller companies have less expenses to cover and can afford to offer their products at a much lower price. Shockingly, you can save nearly three quarters of your money if you choose a replacement cartridge each time you need a top-up! Not only does this make sense but it saves you paying for things you shouldn’t be paying for!

Bonus – You Get Better Service With Replacement Ink

The bonus to using a replacement ink service is that you can look forward to enjoying better customer service from the outset. These specialist services will often provide lengthy money-back guarantees to promote confidence in their brand and they often have online chat help facilities if you are stuck choosing the type of ink you need.

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When you compare this to the impersonal and vague service that you get from the printer giant Canon, then you are sure to agree that the personalised care on offer from replacement services sounds like a great addition to your life.

Try a Compatible Canon Cartridge Today

If you are keen to save money and have read our guide then now is the time to get hold of your replacement ink. Simply head over to an online store like the Smart Ink shop and search for your cartridge. Add the number of inks you require and checkout quickly and easily. Next, wait for your ink to arrive in the post, install and get to printing – trust us, you’ll be glad you gave it a go and so will your bank manager!

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