How to be Happier During Winter

How to be Happier During Winter

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

You should not be hard on yourself if you hate winter. Humans have been hardwired to fear cold weather because there is a risk of starvation, and this was a legitimate issue for our ancestors. Today, there is no need of fearing for winter survival, and this means some of that fear should be gone. You should start seeing winter as an opportunity for challenging and strengthening the thermoregulation system.

Going out in the morning when it is freezing is very challenging and unpleasant. If you don’t like it, then don’t expect to start liking it. You also don’t have to start pretending that it is not cold – because it is. The best thing is facing the truth and preparing for it.

Hoarding with Practicality

Winter is the best time to stock up. Before the temperature drops to freezing levels, take some time to wash your winter clothes before you need them, then fold them and store them in an easily accessible place. Some of the things you might have to replenish include gloves, socks, underwear, and hats.

Another way of staving off winter weight gain is by stocking up on cold-weather foods

You will be able to warm from the inside by preparing soup recipes, warming spices, teas, and cocoas. Dried fruits, root vegetables, and grain porridge can help in sustaining your body during the cold weather.

It is a good idea to get home gym equipment so you don’t have any reason not to work out. 

Resistance bands, jumping rope, and yoga mat are all great for a start. When you do a well-rounded physical activity program, it ends up strengthening the body and also increases confidence in your body’s ability to deal with the winter.

Set up a humidifier if you are sensitive to dry air. 

Have two of them, one at work and another at home. This will go a long way in helping you reduce the chances of getting cold, which is what makes winter hard for most people. Remember to stock your tissues and neti pot. You might be one of those people who usually don’t get colds, but you need to have a tissue with you because the drop in temperature can lead to mucus and phlegm coming out.

Making Indoor Time Enjoyable

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You will most likely be spending a lot of time indoors. You should have your home as comfortable and cozy as possible. You can get a book to read during this time, and the best ones are those about cold places. You can find a wide range of options when it comes to books talking about disastrous trips to the Arctic. You can also have a list of books about warm weather that takes place in Italy, Florida, and Africa.

This time is also a perfect time for catching up on affection with your loved ones. One thing that will make your home cozier is a game night with your friend or your special someone.

Shining the Light on S.A.D

It is important to expose yourself to sunlight, and this is even more important when you start feeling the winter blues. If you have a dog, you will have an easier time because you can take a 60-minute walk with your buddy and get some sunlight. There are special lights that can be used for Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D), but you need to consult with an expert before getting it. If the wrong amount or inconsistent use can lead to side effects such as insomnia and irritability. Visit for more information.

Boosting Self-Confidence by Dressing in Layers

When you choose to dress for warmth instead of aesthetics, it can affect your confidence because you feel pudgy, without the pleasure of having eaten more food. Silk underwear is an example of winter clothing that is sensuous and soft. Wearing a warm wool sweater can leave you feeling itchy and feeling unease. It is important to dress thick. The sense of confidence has to come from within, and having a cold body makes you more vulnerable. You will feel like you are in control when wearing layers because you can put on and peel off when you feel like. You will not feel powerless facing the changes in temperatures.

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