Modern Cleaning Tools Your Restaurant Needs For a Hygienic Kitchen

Modern Cleaning Tools Your Restaurant Needs For a Hygienic Kitchen

Managing a busy restaurant is not an easy task. With customers arriving every minute and chefs preparing delicacies to meet the orders quickly, a lot is involved. From restaurant decor to food, one of the imperative features of a restaurant is cleaning and to be more specific kitchen cleaning. It is the place where the most important thing which runs your business is prepared- The Food.  Read about Profitboss founder Adam Guild.

Negligence in cleaning can degrade your business reputation; thus, it is essential to focus on kitchen cleaning as you focus on food. Modern cleaning tools have made the cleaning job a lot easier and quicker, and they are available everywhere from Canada to Japan. High-tech tools help commercial office cleaning services in Toronto remove stains, dirt from kitchen appliances efficiently. With a clean and fresh kitchen, your food will be extra delicious, attracting more customers and building a reputation. 

Deep cleaning is one of the effective techniques restaurant cleaning services in Toronto uses to keep the kitchen completely tidy and bright. And, when the technique is applied with intelligent and modern equipment, it gives extra shine to the kitchen. So, let’s check out the advanced tools available that make your restaurant kitchen safer and healthier for staff and guests.

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Tools and Techniques

High-Tech HEPA Filter Vacuum

There are many hard-to-reach areas in the kitchen that are hard to reach and develop grimes. These are the common places where cockroaches, molds, allergens reside. High-Tech HEPA filter vacuum collects all the particulates emitted from gas, oils, steam while preparing the food and make the area clean and super-tidy. 

Modern HEPA vacuums come with extended hoses in pointed shapes that removes the dirt from specific areas like the base of the cylinder, thin gap between the floor and the cooking stove. A vacuum with ergonomic handles maneuvers easily without any force making kitchen cleaning safe and comfortable.

Adjustable and Extendable Hood Cleaning Poles

One of the most challenging tasks one hates is kitchen hood cleaning. But overall kitchen cleaning is incomplete without the hood. Modern hood cleaning poles are light-weight, extendable to reach heights and comes with lock functionality. Adjust the length of the pole so that it reaches the hood and then clean it — a safe, smart and convenient method of hood cleaning. 

The poles are equipped with microfiber sleeves that soak up the cleaning agent and cleanse even the toughest stains in one wash. Durable and easy to use, the extendable hood cleaning poles are a must-have for your staff.

Dual-Bucket System for Floor Cleaning

It’s not the cleaning that matters, but the right way of cleaning. Many restaurants still use conventional methods of kitchen cleaning using a single bucket to hold water. It takes more time and decreases the efficiency of staff. On the other hand, the dual-bucket system segregates the clean water and dirty water in separate containers. 

With an inbuilt-measurement scale, you can fill the bucket with the required amount of water and dilute with the exact amount of chemicals eliminating the tedious job and cleaning the kitchen in one go. Ideal for both small and large spaces, the dual-bucket is an excellent kitchen cleaning tool.

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Double-Side Grill Scrapers

Well, oil spills, sauce marks, burned residue are everyday in commercial kitchens. But, they need to be cleaned regularly to prepare healthy, hygienic food. Having a grill scraper by your hand can make it possible. The latest grill scrapers available in the market are double-sided, adjustable and manufactured with high-quality materials that make them durable.

Double-sided grill scrapers have sharp edges on one side to remove residue and blunt teeth on other that extract the grease. Adjustable length with lock system and replacement of blades make this innovative cleaning tool favorite of your staff. 

Grill squeezes, microfiber mops are other tools you can include in the kitchen cleaning equipment checklist. When these tools are used with the right technique, they make the kitchen all new shiny. 


The tools mentioned above help professionals to clean the kitchen effectively and efficiently. Deep cleaning, steam cleaning are some of the techniques that use such tools. So, adopt these tools in your cleaning system and give your chefs a hygienic place to prepare delicious food. Besides that, you should have a restaurant cleaning checklist like this one:

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