How To Calm Down A Tense Situation

Tense Situation

Keeping your nerve when you’re stressed can be difficult, but when it’s the difference between potentially causing more upset or resolving the issue, it’s good to stay calm. Here are some tips to calm down a tense situation.

Talk Slowly And Clearly

Remember to talk slowly and clearly when it comes to these tense situations. You may have others raising their voices, but that’s only going to lose control of the situation. Try to calm anyone down by talking slowly and clearly so that they can hear you above the noise. Competing with aggressive, loud shouting is not going to help, and when you’re keeping yourself at a normal tone, the person shouting will likely realize that they are being too loud themselves. Talking slowly will hopefully bring the tempo of the argument or unfolding events to a slower pace. Remember that in order to be the peacemaker, you need to make sure that everyone is hearing you in the right manner of speaking. It makes them realize that they’re the ones who are escalating what’s happening at that moment.

Don’t Raise Your Voice

It’s been spoken about already, but raising your voice isn’t going to help the situation. If the tense conversation or even is unfolding and no one is raising their voice, then you are doing it could make it worse within meaning to do it. Focus on your own emotions and how you’re feeling. If you’re edging towards that angry emotion, then you want to keep quiet and focus on your breathing to bring you back to a grounded level. No one wants to shout, and that’s why it’s good to make sure that is the case.

Look For Common Ground

When you’re potentially playing a mediator or wanting to bring the tense situation to a more comfortable environment, try to look for common ground. This is somewhere that you can come back to if you find yourself wanting to disperse the negativity and try to resolve the problem. Finding a resolution is better than having to continue fighting or having further tense environments within your personal life or work life. The quicker you can find common ground, the less damage that is likely to be done as a result.

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Remove Yourself From The Situation

There may often be times where it’s just not worth it to get involved. When it comes to these occasions, it’s much better to just remove yourself so that it gives you the opportunity to calm down or to just keep away from something that might not even be a thing worth getting involved with. Either way, take yourself from that situation and find a place where you can be alone and reflect on what’s just happened. It’s much better than having something further happens or to feel like you could have prevented it from reaching a certain point.

Calming down a tense situation can be harder at the moment, but if you follow these steps, you should be able to resolve it eventually.

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