How to Customize a Printable Christmas Thank You Card in Five Ways

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Christmas is here to stay. It does not matter whether you will be in the company of your family, friends, or colleagues. What matters is that you feel merry and appreciate everyone that has supported you throughout the year. Of course, you will want to offer your gratitude in different ways. Because the season is just around the corner, you may have run out of ideas for this year. How about offering your gratitude using printable Christmas thank you cards? As you ponder over what to include in the card, here are some of the tips Mixbook has compiled for you:

  1. Use a compelling visual hierarchy

If you are new to this, incorporating all the design and text elements used on the card’s cover design can be daunting. Fortunately, Mixbook offers excellent ideas on what to include to make it visually appealing. If you are going to use your family photo, try to enlarge it or place it at the center of the cover design. That way, your recipient’s sense of belonging will be elevated. 

  1. Customize your design theme

Creating a captivating design theme does not take rocket science. Mixbook has come up with dozens of designs, which you can use to your advantage. If you are a minimalist, go for retro or classic designs. However, if you are a maximalist, you can customize unique design elements to include in your card design. The choice is yours.

  1.     Adhere to typography rules

Your recipients are going to read your message and match it to other elements. To be on a safer side, use font styles that are compatible with the typeface family. The last thing you want is to sound ironic or deviate from basic typography rules. If you are not conversant with the rules, you can refer to the samples offered by Mixbook.

  1.     Be short and precise

Your recipients will be too excited to read lengthy messages of gratitude. The last thing you want is to bore them with words that can be summarized in two sentences. Short messages tend to sound authentic. You can say something like:

“For all the Christmas holidays I’ve spent next to you, I couldn’t be more grateful. You make my life worth living. Merry Christmas!”

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  1.     Go for a high-quality paper

Chances are you want your loved ones to keep this card for as long as they can imagine. Investing in a high-quality paper not only makes them feel special, but it also accentuates patterns or textures to portray a luxurious feel. As you do so, ensure all the design elements are professionally incorporated in the cards.

Bottom Line

Offering your gratitude to the ones you love through a printable card may seem old-fashioned. Nevertheless, think of the benefits that come with taking your recipients back in time. Truth is no one can turn down a high-quality card that bears his or her photos or words of appreciation from you. Better still, you can rely on the tips offered by Mixbook to customize the best Christmas cards you have ever imagined.

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