How to get rid of Termites yourself


Termites do a yearly $5 billion worth of harm all across the United States. The truth of the matter is that most property holders and commercial landowners do not understand that they have an invasion of termites until after a lot of harm has been done. This outcome results in landowners forking over truckloads of money just to fix the harm that termites have done. This excludes the expenses of getting rid of a present infestation or averting a future one from occurring.

Termite control can be one of the hardest things to do, which is why you should use these hacks and tips to avoid termites and get rid of them.

Some of the tricks are:

  1.   Vinegar is the most common material in your home. There are various ways you may be able to utilize it; to clean everything from your kitchen counter to shower, or you can likewise use it to kill termites. Simply add up a large portion of some it with juice from two lemons, and you have your termite executioner. Put it in a spray bottle and shower the blend around the region where you speculate the termites. The acidic substance will kill the termites on contact. Ensure you spray often to get any termites you didn’t get with the last treatment.


  1.   Sodium borate, being sold in the form of a powder, can kill termites. You can sprinkle the powder around the influenced region. On the other hand, you can also blend it in with water and spray it where you think the termites are. Likewise, with the vinegar, you should reapply the mixture for best results.


  1.   Orange oil is lethal to termites. The oil can be extracted from orange strips. You can buy the oil from a home-improvement or a nursery store, or you can get it delivered online. Orange oil makes the exoskeletons of termites to break up, which makes them lose dampness and proteins and die. You should spray the oil directly on termites or on regions where you speculate termites to be. Spraying it will help keep your home free from termites.  You can use this even when there are no termites.


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  1.   Termites love two things: Water and cellulose. Wet a bit of cardboard with water, and you will set out an everything you-can-eat buffet for termites. If you believe that termites are present in your home, putting down a cardboard trap will draw them out and onto a particular spot. When you see that termites have settled in for the food (wet cardboard), you can remove the bit of cardboard and burn it, instantly killing all the termites. Repeat the procedure as regularly as needed to draw out termites.


  1.   Sunlight kills termites. On the off chance that you expose a colony to sunlight during the day, it will die. Keep infested furniture in the daylight outside to encourage termite death. If the daylight isn’t a choice, UV lights that imitate daylight may likewise work.

While these methods are best for little and detached invasions of termites, you are probably not going to have success utilizing these methods for a large number of termites. The explanation is that termites can rapidly delve into spaces you can’t see or reach. The best thing to do is to call the experts for termite control.

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