How to Organize Your Organization’s Year-End Functions the Right Way


Year-end event planning is extremely challenging for even the most experienced managers. No fixed number of hours can guarantee perfection, and something always goes south.

We list down 7 event coordinating tips from experts to help you keep things from slipping through the cracks.

Define The Purpose

The best way to get started with event planning is to define the purpose. List out the goals as clearly as possible. A few questions to address can be:

  • How to communicate with the participants
  • How to allocate funds
  • How to assign responsibilities
  • How to surprise the guests
  • How to prepare a backup plan

The event’s format – its timing, concept, duration, the hall’s layout, sound, and catering will depend on the answers.

Plan and Proceed

The plan should cover the logistics, content, and marketing of the event. Create a document and share it with the team where each team member can track each others’ tasks.

Start by preparing a list of all the important tasks, then structure them in as much detail as possible via precise steps. It is crucial to define a timeframe for the project – the time required for completing a task. This step is often undervalued, and development usually goes slower than anticipated.

Structure Your Budget & Have a Backup Plan

After you’ve prepared a list of tasks, assign a budget to each one of them. It is also worth considering a contingency plan in case of unexpected situations. For example, you might be planning for an open-air event, and the weather forecast shows a 90% chance of showers a day before.

Instead of panicking at the last moment, it is advisable to think about such issues in advance and be ready for them with a backup plan.

Details Are The Key

If you want to amaze your guests, think about everything down to the smallest aspect – the registration process, who will greet the attendees, what music will be played, etc. Other details to look for can be an interesting photo corner, cross-checking your presentations, and your team’s dress code.

Observe all these details, and try to create the “wow” effect.

Verify the Location

Always verify the location by actually visiting it. At the most decisive moment, it could turn out that the air conditioning isn’t working properly in the hall, or there are no washrooms for the disabled.

Another common issue is the equipment not getting through the doors. It is imperative to verify that these issues are taken care of during the initial stages.

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Setup the AV System

The event you’re planning has to be a standout affair. The only way to create the “wow” effect is by setting up an amazing visual and sound effect vibe.

To get the most out of your audio-video systems, you can assign the management task to an AV integration company.

They will set up audio video system integrators and ensure that no equipment or systems malfunction in the middle of a performance or otherwise.

Moreover, if done right, even the people sitting in the last row will be equally hooked to the event as the first row.

Final Checks and Roundup

Ensure that you’ve notified the participants regarding how to reach the location, invited all the distinguished guests, and prepared the audio and video content. Double-check if everyone knows their tasks and the readiness of the setup.

Wrapping Up

If preparing for corporate functions gives you chills, fear not. Follow the tips mentioned in this article and stay on top of any event management game, not just end of year functions!

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