How To Regain Your Lost Confidence: 6 Helpful Tips


Confidence cannot only put a bigger spring in your step, but it could motivate you to achieve your goals and tackle complex challenges. However, if your self-esteem has recently taken a hit, it could be holding you back in both your personal and professional lives.

Transform your quality of life by reading these six ways to regain your lost confidence.

1. Make Time For Exercise

Exercising cannot only improve your body image, but you will feel a sense of achievement when you complete a challenging workout or reach your fitness goals. It can also prove you can do anything you set your mind to, which could encourage you to work towards a new career, apply for a promotion, or tackle a tough project.

2. Change Your Thought Process

Self-doubt can slowly but surely eat away at your confidence. Each time a negative thought enters your head, you must counteract it with positivity. For example, if you tell yourself you can’t, say aloud “I can do it”. Positive thinking is a small yet powerful step that could change your outlook and will push you to achieve your set goals.

3. Face Your Fears

Almost everyone is living with some form of fear, which could vary from a fear of public speaking to apprehension about stepping into an elevator. However, your fears could prevent you from enjoying a better quality of life. 

By facing your fears, you’ll realize they aren’t as scary as you first thought, and you will live to tell the tale. You’ll then feel much more confident to tackle many challenges that come your way in the future.

4. Find Solutions To Your Problems

If a problem is routinely knocking your self-esteem, you must aim to find a solution. Unfortunately, a changing appearance can make you dread looking in the mirror, and you might want to hide from the world.

For example, if you’re struggling with baldness or a receding hairline, you could review hair transplant costs to identify how and when you could restore your appearance. While it might require a large lump sum, you could enjoy the benefits of the treatment for many years to come.

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5. Find Ways To Feel Good

While you might not like your reflection at the moment, there are actions you can take to feel good about yourself each day. For example, you could burst with confidence by:

  • Showering every day
  • Caring for your hair
  • Using aftershave/perfume
  • Grooming – e.g. trim your nails, beard, etc.
  • Wearing a flattering outfit

Look for ways to spruce up your appearance, which could result in you walking out your front door with your head up high and a spring in your step.

6. Improve Your Body Language

Your body language cannot only determine others’ perceptions of you, but it can affect your mindset. For example, if you slouch when sitting or standing, people will assume you’re lazy, weak, or unhappy. However, if you stand or sit up straight with your arms open yet relaxed, you’ll both look and feel focused, confident, and powerful.

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