Key Life Skills Learned From Teaching Kids How To Ride ATVs


Going off-road on a quad bike is a great way to have fun with the whole family. There are many trails you can explore and riding an ATV can be done by almost anyone. Whether its dirt bike or quad bike both are super enjoyable. Although they are lots of fun, a quad bike is a machine that should be respected. When you teach your kids how to ride, it gives them the chance to learn new skills and develop confidence. Learn more about how learning to ride a quad bike can build essential life skills.

How Big Should They Be?

Age is rarely a major factor when teaching a child how to operate an ATV. Some are bigger than others and can easily reach the controls. If you want to measure up a young rider, make sure they start out with a kids ATV. First have them sit on the vehicle to see if they can reach the pedals and hold the handlebars. If they are struggling because of their height, you may want to leave them for another year until they’re bigger.

There are plenty of custom-made quad bikes for kids at Quadbikes R Us. If you plan on purchasing a kids model, bring your child along and size them up. Once you find the right fit, they’ll learn many things from riding, repairing, and maintaining a bike.

ATV Safety Training

ATV safety trainingImage Source: Freepik

The first thing your child will learn about quad bikes is the importance ofsafety. If you want to give your child an ATV as a gift, you should also send them on an ATV safety course. They’ll learn the importance of safe riding and why wearing the correct equipment reduces their chances of getting hurt. During the course, your child will learn about the benefits safety gear brings to every rider.

Once the safety training is done and your kid is ready to go, they’ll learn many new skills as they progress as a rider.

  • Coordination & Judgement

When riding a quad bike, you need to have good hand-eye coordination and a great sense of balance. Kids learn to analyse their surroundings and come to logical conclusions when riding a quad. It improves their reactions and it makes them think fast.

  • Respecting Others

When you go quad biking, you learn to respect others. You allow them their space as they give you yours. Kids learn to take turns and wait patiently when driving along a trail as tackling obstacles can be difficult for some.

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  • Hard Work

Handling a quad bike can be a real challenge. When kids go riding, they learn that perseverance and commitment pay off. If they want to improve their skills and progress as quad bike riders, they must be willing to work hard and not give up.

quad bikeImage Source: Pixabay

Exploring the outdoors using a quad bike is a great way to spend time with your kids. But you must remember that quad bikes aren’t toys and to ensure they are fully respected you must teach your child about the dangers of quad biking. Learning to ride a quad bike gives people an opportunity to learn a range of valuable life skills.

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