How To Save Money on Your Internet and Cable Bill

How To Save Money on Your Internet and Cable Bill

Millions of Americans are paying way too much each month for their cable and internet services. Today, there are more options than ever with your home entertainment, and you can customize your experience with television subscription services, cable packages, and internet providers. All of these services add up, but there are several smart ways you can start lowering your monthly cable or internet bill. Here are some ways to save.

Look for Bundles

The first place to start if you want to pay less each month is bundling. Most internet and cable television providers offer bundle packages that allow you to get more services and save more money over time. Typically, you can bundle your television, internet, and landline phone services into one monthly payment. Some companies may also offer cellular phone service as part of a bundled package each month.

Ask About Discounts and Promotions

Another way you can save more money is to look for special discounts and promotions from your internet provider. Start by looking for promotions for new customers on the provider’s website and see if you qualify if you’re an existing customer. If you don’t see any promotions that look appealing, give your service provider a call and talk to a customer service representative to get more information about potential savings and do some negotiating.

Lower Your Internet Speed

If you’re trying to stay within your budget, you can also save some more on your internet bill by considering a speed downgrade. Most providers offer different levels of internet service with various download and upload speeds. Think about how you and your family use the internet, and then choose the lowest internet speed that matches your current usage. Activities like web browsing, checking your email and checking social media don’t require as much speed at heavy users who may stream videos or participate in gaming.

Purchase Your Own Modem

Next, save a few dollars more each month by eliminating the monthly modem or router rental fee your provider may be charging you. Instead, find your own device online and purchase it. Over time, your new purchase will pay for itself. Many cable modems can be purchased for less than $100, which helps you save over time.

Shop Around

It’s also smart to check out your cable provider’s competitors in your area. Most consumers don’t realize how many other internet and cable providers service their area if they’re only used to dealing with the big corporate cable giants. Checking out some of the other options, such as Frontier internet plans, could help you get a much lower price without sacrificing service.

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Use Employer Discounts

Consumers may also be able to save hundreds of dollars per year if they look for plans with employer discounts. If you work for a large organization or company, you may be able to qualify for a discounted rate your employer has negotiated. Some internet and cable providers may also offer discounts to members of the military, first responders, or educators as a thank you for their public service.

Cut Back on the Premium Channels

Finally, if you aren’t ready to cut the cord and want to continue watching cable television, think about cutting out some of the more expensive premium channels. With all of the different options for new shows and premium movies, it can be tempting to sign up for every channel. Instead, look for channel packages that bundle premium services together or cut back on the more expensive premium content.

You can help reduce the strain on your wallet if you start becoming a smarter consumer. Do some research and look for creative ways to save more each month on your internet and cable television.

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