Why Talking About Health Is A Courageous Act

Why Talking About Health Is A Courageous Act

Everyone has their own baseline level of health. Some are luckier than others, while some have conditions that shape them and their lives since childhood. No matter who you are, a health condition never determines if you are a more or less valuable person. In fact, it’s often those who have encountered the toughest hardships that are able to overcome their sense of self-pity and gain an incredibly textured personal character, something that many able-bodied folks could really learn. Yet, of course, we would be remiss to also mention that a negative health condition also does not guarantee you are a good person by default. Life is much more nuanced and complex than that.

This being said, the process of managing a health condition is a courageous one, but so is talking about it. In fact, talking about health issues can help us dispel myths, increase awareness and understanding, and may also help us find the solutions or at least coping strategies we seek. With that in mind, we would like to lovingly offer the following advice to see if you potentially agree. Please, consider:

It Helps You Release Bottled Emotions

We can all undergo troubles and challenges when undergoing a health issue, no matter how part of us it has become. This can lead to negative emotions or at least those we suppress without realizing it. This in itself can be a problem, and lead to you having a stagnant mood, which is never good for your mental health. Talking about issues you are experiencing, your fears, your anguish, your pain can all help you feel more confident in realizing that actually, you are normal, and you deserve to express these things. You would be astounded as to how helpful talking therapy can be in this context.

It Helps You Find The Help You Need

Finding the best help you need is usually only found through speaking about your needs and explaining the issue. Perhaps you will have someone refer you to the best health and counseling center near you, or you may be given measures to help counteract those low moods, or you may bond with friends who understand your dissatisfaction on a more relatable level. We’re sure you’ll find some potential in achieving this.

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It Empowers You

Talking through your issues experienced can actually empower you. It shows that you’re not someone who simply needs to sit back and take the stresses that you have quietly. You can raise awareness, you can explain your struggles, you can realize that there’s nothing that having a medical issue or injury should make you feel shameful for. It doesn’t make you a worse person. It doesn’t make you a weaker person. Realizing this and speaking your truth can help you truly blossom as an individual. While you may lament having this problem, it’s almost a certainty that you will find a strength of character through this that you may have never experienced otherwise.

With this advice – you’re sure to talk about health as you deserve to.

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