How to Take Care of Pets in the Rainy Season? Helpful Tips Inside!


Some people and pets love rain, and some don’t. As a pet owner, you might not like rain much, or you may love it, but your pet might not. A few pets love going on walks on rainy days. But most dogs do not prefer rain as it makes everything wet and dirty, hindering their daily walks.

More importantly, rainy seasons can be a concern for pet parents as they bring many illnesses. Your pet can get infections, tummy troubles, skin infections, and more. It is also a season of fleas and ticks; if your pet gets that, it can lead to multiple troubles. Thus, taking good care of your pets in the rainy season is highly necessary. How do you achieve that? By following a few simple steps.

Ensure They are Always Dry

If your pet gets extremely drained in the rain, it can lead to discomfort and skin infections. Skin infections are mean and painful. Do not take them out when it is raining to ensure it does not happen. If they are out and it rains, dry them completely with a towel. Keep their pet bed cozy and dry for them to relax on. It is a sheltered spot where the pet can relax from being in the rain and nap.

Have a Resting Place for Them When They are Frightened

Rain comes with a lot of noise, including splashing and thundering. Their sounds can frighten pets, especially young ones like pups. Therefore, in your home, there should be a spot where they can run and stay when thunder frightens them. It can be their pet bed, your lap, a corner in the kitchen, or even under your bed. Keep the house open during rainy days so the pets can stay comfortable when rain noises scare them.

Protect Their Paws

Your pet’s paws are more sensitive than the rest of the body. Take good care of them to keep infections at bay. For instance, if you take the pet out for a walk during the rainy season, put paw butter on the paws.


It will keep them protected. After coming home, clean the paws with lukewarm water and dry them completely. Lastly, check for wounds or infections, as cuts can easily happen during rain. Always attend to wounds immediately. Otherwise, it can become a severe issue.

Offer a Fiber-Rich Diet

It is especially for dogs. They love going on walks and being outdoors. It is a form of exercise for them. However, outdoor activities are limited to nature’s call during rainy weather. Therefore, you must keep them active inside the house. More importantly, focus on their diet. Give them a fiber-rich diet. Veggies and fruits that your vet has approved for them should be part of their meal. It will keep their stomachs happy and their gut troubles at bay.

Check for Ticks

Ticks, fleas, and other pests are happy in the rainy season as they flourish. They can take residence in your pet’s fur or coat. The chances of this are higher if they climb trees often. Therefore, keep checking for fleas and ticks often and taking precautions. Even check their ears using a torch to find and kill the ticks.

Give them Boiling Water

You always give your pet clean water. But in the rainy season, be extra safe. So boil it and let it cool down before presenting it to the pet.

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It will keep their tummy troubles at bay as the rainy season accompanies diarrhea.

Keep Them Engaged

You cannot take your pets on hikes or walks during the rainy season, as all spots are wet or overflowing with water. Therefore, you must keep them engaged with other activities. These may involve playing fetch inside the house. Letting them go wild on the stairs or getting them fun pet toys.

De-Worm and Vaccinate Them

Take them to your vet before the rains start and get them vaccinated. It will protect them better from diseases.

Rains bring a massive respite from the scorching heat. Yet, they also bring with them skin troubles and other health issues. Therefore, you must take better care of your little furry friends.

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