How to Watch the Super Bowl in Style

If all Americans get polled regarding – what is the most incredible show on Earth? There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that the National Football League’s championship game happening in February of every year, will come out on top in such a survey. Since the early-1990s, this event has begun to morph into a cultural phenomenon whose reach has no restrictions. It appeals to people of all backgrounds, demographics, and creeds. It is a thing that unifies the nation for at least a day and gets more than a third of Americans to watch the same thing simultaneously.

Super Bowl Sunday delivers such a rollercoaster of emotion for so many that it can make dopamine levels surge and crash in minutes. Paired with its half-time show and debuting creative advertisements, it supplies a never-ending slew of water-cooler topics come Monday morning. And for those not lucky enough to secure a ticket to State Farm Stadium to attend Super Bowl LVII in 2023, here are a few ideas on how to soak in the conclusion of the NFL season instead of watching it alone in front of a TV screen.

Take It in a VR Environment

Watching the Super Bowl through a VR headset has been a thing since 2016. That was when NextVR struck a deal with the NFL to capture games using this then-novel medium that was seemingly going to go mainstream. For the 2023 Bowl, football fans can absorb all the action through multiple camera angles. One is a skybox suite, where they can interact with other players using customizable avatars or track the match happenings solo.

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The FOX Sports VR app is available for Oculus users, but the Super Bowl can also be viewed through VR devices using other software that does not project a 3D environment. Ones that do, like Bigscreen VR, are super fun, as they facilitate various forms of gaming entertainment along with watching the big game on a massive screen. But, for more traditional audiences with VR devices on hand, a more enjoyable option would be following the action on a standard VR streaming app like the one from Sling TV.

How About a Tailgate?

Tailgating is a distinctly American custom. For those unfamiliar with it, these social events occur in parking lots at arenas and stadiums and often involve consuming alcoholic beverages and snacks before, during, and after sporting competitions. The pre-game festivities can include music and comedy, as mostly non-commercial performances.

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Those in Arizona for Super Bowl weekend can visit many high-end tailgates. The top two ones that have the internet buzzing are the NFL TikTok one at State Farm Stadium, headlined by the Black Keys, and the Guy Flavortown Tailgate featuring LOCASH and Diplo, occurring right next to the Super Bowl venue.

Go to Vegas

Parties are synonymous with Super Bowl weekend. According to data from NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics, 103 million Americans plan on going to a party on the weekend, spreading February 11th to 13th, and 17.8 million have stated that they will watch the game at a restaurant or bar.

If one has deep enough pockets and wants to take in the NFL final with glitz and glamor, then visiting Sin City for Super Bowl weekend is a terrific idea. Likely the US region has fewer events going during the championship game than Vegas. To consider are the Binion’s Big Game Watch Party, Hofbrauhaus’ Super Sunday 2023, the Tailgate Social at Palace Station, and the shindig at the Level Up bar at MGM Grand.

See Also

View It on a Sportsbook Site

Every Super Bowl, millions of people yearn to place some fun bets just for kicks on the Bowl. However, sportsbook sites are not only good for wagering fun. Many also provide live streams of high-profile events. Plus, they have dedicated chat rooms where users can interact. So, at these sites, individuals can watch matches, bet on them, and talk with other sports fans as the games are happening. In-play/live wagering is possible on these platforms, and they pay out wins in seconds via cryptos. Fiat transfers may take a few days to process.

Boost the Bowl Experience with TikTok & Metaverses

Per available data, TikTok has more than 1.5 billion users, and it partnered with the NFL last year. They might partner again in 2023 with an official pre-game program and the Chainsmokers to perform.

The show will go on with a virtual afterparty in Horizon Venues, a part of Horizon Worlds the VR environment, where the Foo Fighters will perform. Note that a Super Bowl metaverse concert will also be held in Roblox, sponsored by the NFL, with hip-hop artist Saweetie as its headlining act.

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