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great pretenders fuschia

I always believe dress-up is a wonderful thing for children to play.  Children do not have to wait all year for Halloween just to be able to pretend to be something or someone else.  Imaginative play is always encouraged because children are able to have fun and take on different roles by being able to do so.

My granddaughter and great niece (almost 5 and 5 years old) play ‘pretend’ all of the time when they are together.  They don’t always realize that they both can be a “Mom”, or a “Grandma”, but they always figure it out and take turns.  They also love dressing up as Princesses.  They each have a favorite, but they do not discriminate if it means they can dress up in a fancy, beautiful dress.

Great Pretenders have so many dresses to choose from, but they are not limited to just fancy little girl dresses.  They offer storybook dresses, medieval and princess’s also.  And don’t get me wrong, these are all fancy in their own ways.  I received the one below.  Emma is a small almost 5-year-old, and this dress was sized for 3+ but I guess she is short and a bit skinny as it was really big on her right now and I could not get her to sit still long enough for a picture.  She was already out of it before I was able to snap the picture and I didn’t want to fight with her. {insert smile}, I mean I am the Grandma.

great pretenders fuschia

They also carry an assortment of dress-up items for little boys too! From Pirates to Medieval, Super Heros, and Capes & Hoods.  So many items to choose from, and remember this isn’t just for Halloween!  You will also find accessories such as hats, crowns, Armoury (swords & shields). The neat ones are reversible cape costumes that are 2 dress-up items in one.

frog cape to prince cape

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