How to Install Android Keylogger?

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Android Keylogger is the way to control your children while they use their Android phones or tablets. You don’t have to force them to stop using their phones which makes them uncomfortable with you. This app gives you a brilliant strategy to know what your children do with their Android. So, how to get and use an Android keylogger maximally?

Signing up for Android Keylogger Free Version

There are several simple steps to install Keylogger on Android before using the features. The first thing to do is signing up first. The process is simple and you can get your account right away. You have to choose the device you want to control or monitor. Keylogger is able to control various types of devices including Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, and of course Android. There will be several questions you need to answer before continuing the signing up process. The questions are very important to make sure that later you can control and monitor the device maximally with the help of this app. When the answering questions are done to do, you can continue to the next process which is the signing up process. Soon, you will get personal account or ID which you can use to log in to the app. As the first time user, you have a chance to use the app for 3 days for free.

Login Through Could Panel

You have to log in to use the app and start to monitor the device. In this case, you have to log in to Cloud Panel. By the time you log in, you can start to download iKeyMonitor, the best Android keylogger in 2018, so that you can trace any kind of activities from the targeted devices. The most interesting, your children will not realize that you are controlling or monitoring them because you can do it without rooting the Android phone at all. Just imagine that you are a detective who has to monitor your target secretly and take an action when something wrong happens.

Install iKeyMonitor Keylogger App for Android

The next step you need to do is install the Android Keylogger. In this step, you must use the license key. The license key is used to activate the app so you can use all the features. The features are various and it gives you full monitoring system to any kind of devices. You are able to monitor images, texts, voices, and any kind of activities done in social media. The report will be sent to your personal active email account.

Login and Using the Parental Control Features

Do you want to use Android Keylogger right away? When the download and installation process is done, you just need to log in by using your login credentials. Now, you can use all the features such as keylogger for SMS, voice messages, call recording system, tracking GPS location, and monitoring WhatsApp chats. Some of the children love to use social media.

They tend to express something as well as finding new friends there. You have to monitor their activity for their own safety. The features are also ready to help you to control specific social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, and many more. The capturing feature is used to capture or screenshot any kind of strange chats, images, and voice. You can read the detail and analyze whether it is dangerous for your children or not. If it is dangerous, you can take action right away to protect your children from unwanted condition or acts.    

The trial helps you a lot to decide whether an AndroidKeylogger is a useful app or not. Then, you can decide to use the premium one to monitor your children. The goal is to keep your children use their device in the best way based on their age. Just follow the steps above and get ready to use Keylogger as an extra protection for your beloved children or teenagers who love to use Android.



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