Keep Your Home Safe And Comfortable In The Summer

comfortable in the summer

Summer is one of the best time of year. Everyone is home for the holidays, and you can chill in out in the sunshine. But is your home and family ready for the hot weather and all the things that come with it? Read our guide below to find out.


The first thing people think of when you say the word summer is usually heat. Whether you love the sun or prefer it when things are a bit cooler, you need to make sure that you manage the temperature of your home effectively.

One way to do this is by running a home air conditioning system. This cools the air that is sucked into the house, providing a pleasant, temperate environment for day to day living. The problem is that air conditioning can be expensive to run as it uses a lot of energy.

Keep Your Home Safe And Comfortable In The Summer

Instead, you can try running electric fans which don’t take nearly as much energy. In fact, they only cost about 4% of what an air conditioner does to run. That means you can have them on all the time and not worry about the electricity bills. The issue with fans is that they don’t really cool the air. If it is particularly hot, they just tend to push that hot air around the room instead. So then you end up right back at the air conditioning solution.

Luckily there is a  way to reduce your home air containing costs by installing a product like LLumar Window Tint. Window tints are films that cover the windows and stop UVA light and unwanted solar energy coming into the room. Therefore the room does not heat up as much in the sun. So you do not have to have the air con on so high to cool it down, saving you money.


Of course, most people like to spend some time outside in the backyard during the summer months. Getting some sunlight is good for you as it helps you to make Vitamin D, which is essential to good health. But too much sun can cause burning and in the long term skin cancer. That is why it is essential that you have some shade in your garden.

Also, remember to use sunscreen with UVA and UVB blockers. Enjoy the heat in while being in the shade, especially at the hottest point of the day, which are usually 11 am – 3 pm.

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Another problem that summer can bring is all the bugs and creepy crawlies that can get into your house through open windows and doors. While a lot are harmless, even the common house flies is known to carry nasty diseases such as dysentery and tuberculosis. Also, wasps and bees have a nasty sting, and that without the added worry of allergies on top of the problem.

home safe and comfortable

You can choose to use chemical fly or wasp repellent to combat the problem. However, a wasps nest in the home will need to be attended to by a professional and removed in a managed way to minimize any danger to your family. You can also practice natural preventative measures for bug control to help you stop the problem before it’s begun.

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