Learn About the Different Types of Adult Orthodontics

Your teeth may naturally shift their position as you age, prompting the need for a straightening method. Also, you may have childhood orthodontic issues that continue till adulthood, thus requiring treatment. Seeking adult orthodontics Carmichael treatment can be your best shot at restoring your teeth’s natural alignment while correcting that dental issue. You can benefit from the several available orthodontic treatments your doctor will recommend. Every option will vary from the other, and you can ask your doctor to explain each option before choosing one.

Which Adults Need Orthodontics

Your doctor may recommend orthodontic treatments if you have crowded, misplaced, crooked teeth, jaw asymmetry, excessive spacing, and teeth realignment. Orthodontics can also treat issues like underbites, overbites, and deep bites. You will likely develop orthodontic problems because of genetics and long childhood habits like sucking your thumb, which may cause teeth misalignment.

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What Are the Available Types Of Adult Braces

Several options are available to address orthodontic issues in adults, and all options have their benefits and risks. Your doctor may recommend options that can include the following.

Conventional Braces

Such braces have wires consisting of a single bracket that your dentist cements on the front of your teeth. The braces also have a few bands that anchor the brace wires at the back. You can also choose conventional braces with tooth-colored ceramic over metal ones. Ceramic braces offer the advantage of not telling everyone you are straightening your teeth every time you smile. However, ceramic braces stain more quickly with certain foods and drinks and are more costly than traditional metal braces.

Self-Ligating Braces

The braces have wires that pass through small metal clips on their brackets. The small clips help to reduce friction against your braces and are easy to clean. Self-ligating braces do not need elastic bands for moving the teeth. They are more popular than most braces and move the teeth well and quickly. However, they are visible like traditional metal braces.

Lingual Braces

The braces hold similarities to conventional braces except that they have brackets that cement the back of your teeth. Your dentist’s placement inside out makes them invisible, but it may be discomforting. You will find the braces in contact with your tongue may be uncomfortable. Also, lingual braces may be hard to clean, but you can practice till you get it right.

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Clear Aligners

Invisalign aligners are probably the most famous form of clear aligners available today. They are invisible, meaning you can talk and smile freely without the worry that someone will notice you are wearing them. Additionally, you can remove these aligners when you want to brush your teeth and eat. However, they may take longer to straighten your teeth because of the non-attachment factor.

You can visit Gaiduchik Orthodontics today to learn more about the available types of orthodontics for adults. The team will offer you different choices of orthodontics, and then you can settle on one depending on different factors. Your doctor will help you evaluate each of them depending on their benefits and risks. Visit the website and tap the book appointment tab to schedule your session.

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