Letting Out Your Inner Child

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Becoming an adult might seem like the biggest chore in the world to some. You can no longer simply sleep in at the weekends and play video games all day, and you have many responsibilities to take care of on a daily basis. However being an adult shouldn’t be a prison sentence for your former personality, it should be a chance for you to do things you never could as a child! Here are some of the ways you can let out your inner child this spring and summer.

Rent a scooter

Have you ever seen those cool bikes and scooters for rent by the beach? Next time you pass The Electric Rider don’t just ignore it, take the chance to get on that scooter and have a play around! There’s nothing wrong with riding up and down the promenade having fun once in a while.

Explore nature

When we are children we take things slow and really explore our landscape for what it is. We are stunned by ladybugs, ants, butterflies, and birds in the wild and it gives us a sense of wonder about nature. Rather than just walking through your garden or local park this summer, look closer and appreciate nature and what it can do. It will honestly make you feel like a child again!

Climb a tree

Kids love to climb everything in sight, and you probably wish you still could climb a tree once in a while too. Next time you are out in the countryside go ahead and climb a tree or a rock, have some fun and stand above the rest of the world for a while.


Children have such amazing imaginations, and as we grow older our imagination starts to dwindle because we simply think too much about reality. If we take a moment to forget everything we’ve learned and know about the world we can create much more amazing ideas. Imagination can be a great thing, and if you let it take over once in a while you can see the world through a child’s eyes.


Kids love nothing more than making things and being creative. The next time you have some random paints, buttons, a toilet roll and pipe cleaners left in your home, have some fun and make something random! It doesn’t matter if you are going to use the item afterward, it is the joy of simply sitting down and making something new. You can even do something for the house if you want to make something useful. You could make a piece of art for your walls or even make a candle.

Smile more

We don’t smile enough these days. Believe it or not, the simple act of smiling can change your mood entirely and allow you to be much happier than you would if you didn’t. If you are having a bad day, try and smile more and you will not only improve your own mood, but you will also improve the people around you in response.


Wife, mother, grandma, blogger, all wrapped into one person, although it does not define her these are roles that are important to her. From empty nesters to living with our oldest and 2 grandchildren while our house is rebuilt after a house fire in 10/2018 my life is something new each day.

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Dana Rodriguez
Dana Rodriguez

These are great ideas. We all need to non adult sometimes!