Love Yourself Better

Love Yourself

It could happen to anyone, and in fact, it does happen to most people at one time or another. You are going about your daily life, and something just feels off

Then slowly, you realize that actually, you’re not feeling like yourself. And it could be a health issue, it could be that some of your bad habits have gotten out of control, or it could be that you just haven’t taken the time to take care of yourself properly lately. Often people are so busy taking care of others that they forget to take care of themselves. 

Imagine your regular daily activities. Blogging, freelancing, taking care of the children, cooking, cleaning, running errands, and so much more on top of that. 

Where is the ‘you’ time?

It might just be time to think about yourself for a short time. These easy and gentle tips can help you slowly bring yourself back, and make space for you again in your life.


If you have been putting things off like going to the dentist, getting your glasses tightened, or you know, but there are deeper issues involved, and actually, you might need a meth detox center or serious couples therapy; for example, now is the time. You deserve to be in good health, and the people around you deserve you to be in good health too. But our health stops and starts with us. 

It’s time to take a few minutes and think about how you really feel. No one will be able to do this for you, so it is very important that you find the time to do it for yourself. It is better to have everything dealt with as quickly as possible if you aren’t feeling quite right healthwise.


If you sleep poorly for one night or two nights, the most you will be is a little bit tired, but you will be able to function. However, if this starts to become a pattern, or you’re staying up late to complete work and errands, you might just find that the impact is more far-reaching. 

Your mood can be heavily impacted by the amount of sleep that you get. And ideally, your evening should start with winding down two hours before you want to be in bed. 

If you can start your bedtime routine by taking a hot bath or a shower, are you off to the right start. This will just help your muscles relax, and over time you will begin to associate that evening bath or shower with relaxation. And your brain will begin to switch off and go to sleep long before you’re in bed. Oaty porridge, and caffeine-free tea or often the best ways to help two

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The Calm app has a range of sleep stories and even guided meditation.

One of the most important and final things is you need to have a look at your weekly or monthly schedule and find spaces to block out just for you. Using the space to do things like your favorite hobbies, read books, or even take a nap if you can. There is no single option when it comes to self-care. What really matters is that you do something that benefits you mentally, physically, and emotionally too.



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