What is a luteal phase?

luteal woman pregnancy test

luteal woman pregnancy test

What is a luteal phase?

Do you know what a luteal phase is? According to PregnancyTips.org, it is the time between ovulation and the start of your menstrual period. This is the same time when the egg is fertilized. A normal luteal  phase takes 12 days. Experts agree that a short luteal phase may cause miscarriage during pregnancy. This doesn’t sound like good news especially for those trying to conceive.

Do not feel bad if you do not know what a luteal phase is; as I didn’t know either.  I had a friend in the past that used to have trouble after conceiving with having miscarriages.  She was able to have two babies, but in between and beforehand she had a few miscarriages.  Learning about this phase makes me realize that this could have been an issue she was having at the time.

luteal phase


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There are ways to lengthen a woman’s luteal phase.  You may take foods enriched with vitamin c and omega-3 to help you. You can also use progesterone creams that you can just rub on your inner arms, inner thighs and neck area. Some women also use antioxidants to help them lengthen their luteal phase. Make yourself ready for pregnancy by making sure your body has a longer luteal phase.

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