Nite Ize Review: Neat Gadgets Make Great Stocking Stuffers

nite ize review

nite ize review

Nite Ize Review: Neat Gadgets Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Disclosure:  I received the three items from Nite Ize in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are mine. Also this post contains affiliate links, this means if you purchase from my post; I will receive a percentage of your purchase.

Ever since my kids were born, they had a stocking.  It was a Christmas tradition that my parent started, and I wanted to continue.  It was easy when they were little.  I could purchase little things from the Dollar Store or an action figure, and batteries.  Once my boys got holder; they were harder for me to find things for their stockings; although my daughter continued to be easy.

When I was offered to review these neat gadgets, I  wondered where these had been all of those years.


The BugLit is a nifty LED flashlight. How many times are you in a small space and need a little light?  Along with that your hands are full and you just can’t figure out how to get that light in there?  Welcome to the BugLit.  You can wrap this around a number of things and it will keep your little area lit, and you can continue on.  This micro flashlight is great for a college student, working under the hood of your vehicle, and in those hard to reach, cramped spaces.

BugLit comes in some fun color options:- Red/Black, Green/Black, Blue/Lime, Black/Red, Pink/Black .  Your BugLit has a run time on HIGH for 10 hours and on LOW 22 Hours.

Easy to store in a backpack pocket, glove compartment in your car, or under the seat of your motorcycle.  You could even most likely fit it in your pocket protector or fanny pack IF these are even used now.

You can purchase yours for $12.99 on Nite Ize .




The ClipLit is another great gadget! The possibilities are endless with the uses that these will provide. I love the idea of attaching them to my keys, on our dogs’ collars when they are out in the yard, and well as the zipper of my sweatshirt or jacket.  I also think these would be so cool during the summer when you are outside at a bonfire and have to walk back in the dark.

Easy to turn on and off, and weather-resistant is an added plus.  They also come in all of these neat designs!

You can purchase these at Nite Ize for between $2.79-$4.49.

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the doohickey collage

The DooHicKey Tool is a wonderful stocking stuffer for anyone.  It will come in handy to keep in a purse or a glove compartment. Having more than one will come in handy because you can keep them in different places.  A desk, dresser drawer, the possibilities are endless. Its many uses make this multi-tool a wonderful gift.

The DooHicKey Tool comes in black or stainless and for the price of $4.99, its a steal! You can purchase it on Nite Ize.

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