Make Your Garage Floor Awesome

Make Your Garage Floor Awesome

Is your garage floor just a bare, concrete slab? If so, welcome to the club. Most homeowners never do anything to their floor. When it comes to upgrading your garage, however, the floor is a great place to obtain a lot of return for a relatively small investment. Here are three ways you can upgrade your garage floor and achieve fantastic results.

Epoxy and Vinyl

Epoxy and Vinyl are the most durable options available for garage flooring upgrades.

Epoxy flooring, like painting, requires any damage to the floor be repaired. It is applied in three steps. First, you blend your epoxy paint and hardener and apply it to the concrete. Then you scatter color chips across the floor’s surface. Finally, you seal it all with a clear coat. This produces an extremely durable finish that will last for years.

Vinyl flooring is very easy to install. It comes on rolls and to install it, you simply unroll it across your garage floor and cut off the excess. It is very durable and comes in many designs to meet your style.

Paint and Stain

Painting or staining your garage floor is probably the easiest type of upgrade to make and often is the least expensive.

Painting is as simple as it sounds. First, clean your floor and repair any cracks. Once the concrete filler is dry, you will prime the floor, then paint it using materials specially designed for flooring. You can expect this type of material to last about three years.

Staining is also fairly inexpensive. This is best used with concrete floors that are in very good condition. With the right stain, you can achieve a fantastic look.

Interlocking and Peel-and-Stick Tiles

Tiles are an interesting option. While not necessarily as durable as other flooring, they allow for a great amount of customizability. The individual tiles can be arranged in whatever pattern you decide on.

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Interlocking tiles are generally vinyl or rubber and they snap together (interlock). This is a great option if you have a stained or damaged garage floor as it will hide those eyesores.

Peel-and-stick tiles are very similar. The only major difference is that they adhere to the floor. Since they have to stick to the existing concrete, the floor needs to be thoroughly cleaned and repaired before the tiles can be applied.

Upgrading your garage floor is a great way to revitalize the space and make it more inviting. Even better, upgraded flooring can increase your home’s value. Try one of these flooring options today.

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