Make Your Backyard More Child-Friendly

Make Your Backyard More Child-Friendly

Playing outdoors has many health benefits for your kids – it can improve their immune system and build up their physical fitness. By making your backyard more child-friendly, you may be able to encourage your kids to drop their video games controllers and play outside. Here are just a few ideas to consider when making your backyard more child-friendly.

Add a sandbox

A sandbox is ideal for young kids, encouraging them to develop motor skills through digging, filling and building with sand. Building a sandbox could be a great DIY project, although you may prefer to simply buy an existing pre-built one. There are many sandboxes available online.

Buy a paddling pool

A paddling pool can be great for helping kids to cool off in the summer. Young kids will love splashing around in it, whilst older kids may be able to use it as a water station for filling up water guns and having a water fight. Paddling pools come in all shapes and sizes – you can shop around for them online.

Set up some home playground equipment

Setting up your own home playground could eliminate the need to go to the park and play. There are plenty of backyard swing sets and slides that you can find online. Meanwhile, play equipment such as trampolines can appeal to young and older kids.  

Build a treehouse

A treehouse can help to fuel your kids’ sense of adventure by serving as a private hideout. It could also be a chance for you to test out your craftmanship skills. Building a treehouse requires having a suitable tree and in some cases planning permission – if you aren’t able to build a treehouse, you may be able to still create another den such as a playhouse set.

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Set up a chalk wall

You could also consider dedicating a wall to chalk drawing to help encourage your kids’ imaginative and artistic skills. You can build such a wall using a cement backer board and some chalk paint. Make sure to buy outdoor chalk paint so that your wall is resistant to the elements.

Protect against hazards

It’s important that your backyard contains no serious hazards. This could allow your kids to play without you having to monitor them too closely. Pools and ponds are one common hazard that you need to be wary of – covering this up whilst the kids are playing or adding barriers could be necessary. You should also ensure that any dangerous garden tools are locked up indoors. You may also want to remove natural dangers such as thorn bushes or wasps’ nests. 

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