Mistakes to Avoid When Moving


The moving process is known to be extremely stressful. With so many tasks to coordinate, hours of packing to get through, and trying to get through it all despite the many other responsibilities resting on your shoulders as part of your daily schedule, it is no wonder why so many people dread it! 

The good news is that it can be streamlined with a bit of forward-thinking and careful strategizing, as well as knowing what common mistakes to avoid along the way. 

Mistake #1: Not taking enough time to research moving companies 

Moving companies all do the same thing, right? Wrong! Not all moving companies are created equal, and if you take the time read through reviews and listen to your friends’ and family members’ personal experiences, you will quickly come to realize that on your own. Conducting research before you contact a local mover is crucial to ensuring a smooth move from start to finish. It is also a good idea to request quotes from a handful of reputable moving companies to make doubly certain that you are getting a great deal. 

Mistake #2: Spending money on packing supplies

If you go to a specialist supplier of moving supplies, you are going to pay a lot more on boxes and cushioning materials than you need to. Instead, visit your local greengrocer or bottle store and ask if they have any extra boxes laying around that they would like to recycle. The chances are high that they will give them to you for free. As for cushioning materials, such as newspaper, magazines, and bubble wrap, ask your loved ones or post online to see if anyone has a small collection that they wouldn’t mind donating. With a bit of luck, you will be able to get hold of all of your packing supplies without having to part with a cent! 

Mistake #3: Leaving packing to the last minute 

Why take on the mammoth task of packing boxes the day before you are due to move when you can spread it out over a week or two? Focus on packing the items that are more decorative in nature, as well as those that you don’t use all that often, at least a few days in advance of moving day and store the boxes in a separate room. If you would like to reduce clutter, you could even opt to rent a small storage unit for a week or two. 

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Mistake #4: Neglecting to pack a bag full of moving essentials 

You definitely won’t want to spend hours rummaging through a sea of boxes to find your daily essentials after a long day of moving! Save yourself the trouble by packing a bag full of moving essentials that morning. You can include items such as your cell phone and cash, along with your pajamas, toothbrush and toothpaste, a clean towel, and a few healthy snacks to keep your strength up.  

The key to a low-stress moving experience lies in careful planning and maintaining a calm mindset no matter what unexpected challenges may pop up along the way. Best of luck!

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