The Newest Viral Tendency to Hit Facebook and Instagram

The Newest Viral Tendency to Hit Facebook and Instagram
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If you spend most of your time on social media, like the rest of us, you’re probably aware that it’s constantly changing. The time spent on social platforms is constantly increasing and there are changes and new features almost every day on each social platform, including Facebook and Instagram. If you have accounts on these two social platforms, you will be more than happy to learn that there are new viral tendencies of which you should be aware. What’s more, if you want to be popular among your peers, get to know more about these viral tendencies and start using them as soon as possible. In fact, there are several trends that are hot this year and will come in handy to know if you’re a Facebook and Instagram user. These trends are especially popular with Generation Z, born in the late 90s / early 00s. The Millennials’ little sibling is the first one which has grown 100% online and as such, are particularly interested in these new viral tendencies as home writing jobs.  

Live Streaming Videos

Although live streaming and Facebook Live isn’t a new thing, the way people are using it definitely is. Live streaming videos are gaining popularity and the technology we use is constantly improving. As a result, we get better videos. In fact, about 82% of the active users on Facebook and Instagram prefer live video to written social media updates. As videos tend to drive more comments, it’s essential that they are inspiring and offer practical tips.

Messenger Bots

Chatbots are used by companies to improve their customers’ experience and strengthen the relationship. By using messenger bots, companies add a human touch to automated responses on Facebook. These bots help companies to increase customer engagement and support, raise brand awareness, and enable sales. Messenger bots are an important mediator between live support and frequently asked questions.

A Special Dashboard

This is one of the major changes and trends on both Facebook and Instagram. This special dashboard allows users to see how much time they’ve spent on the social platforms as well as to mute notifications. This was done as a result of the concern that using these social platforms too much causes damage. Thanks to mental health experts, this change appeared. You can find this feature by clicking the “Your Activity” button on Instagram and “Your Time on Facebook” button on Facebook.

Messaging Over Public Posting

The preference for sending private messages rather than posting publicly on your social media is steadily growing. People tend to use more messaging as they feel safer and more comfortable sharing content only with specific people rather than with a large audience. In fact, more people would rather send a message than publicly post or make a call.


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Social media users love interaction and games. So, games are extending to social media apps. It’s only a question of time when an app which merges games and social media more organically will appear. It’s highly expected that such an app will appear in 2018.

Social Listening

You might still not believe this is true, but social platforms are definitely listening to your conversations. Sounds creepy? Well, have you experienced an awkward situation when you were talking with a friend about considering to pay for homework online and you suddenly see an advertisement for it on social media? That’s our reality and we have to face it. Many companies use social listening data for their brands and to target their audience.

Social platforms are constantly evolving and new features and trends come and go. Each of the social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram, focuses on Generation Z. The Gen Z is a target for these networks as they are the most valuable customers who have grown 100% online. There are many new viral tendencies which already hit or are expected to appear on Facebook and Instagram anytime soon. So, live streaming videos continue to thrive as we have better technology. Moreover, messaging bots are a new strategy for companies to improve their customers’ experience and a special dashboard has been introduced. More and more people prefer messages over public posting and an app which merges games and social media is expected anytime soon. Last but not least, social networks are listening to your conversations and you should be careful what you discuss with your friends. Were you surprised by any of these social media trends for 2018?

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