Do Your Parents Need More Help At Home?

Parents Help at Home

Parents Need More

Getting old is something that nobody likes to admit to, least of all your parents. Acknowledging that they might need more help can make them feel vulnerable and a failure. They might also be concerned about having to leave their home or losing their independence. This could result in them hiding their struggles from you and pretending nothing is going on. This is why it’s so important for their family members to recognize telltale signs that more assistance is needed. So if your Mom or Dad won’t admit it themselves, here are some red flags you need to look out for.

A cluttered home

Your parents home can be a strong indicator that more help might be needed. Cleaning and tidying a house requires a lot of physical activity. If your Mom or Dad are having difficulty with their mobility, this could be a reason why their home is looking this way. Thier balance and walking abilities might also be causes. Watch their expressions as they walk or stand up to see if they indicate pain or difficulty. A messy home can be dangerous as it introduces more trip hazards. Unsanitary bathrooms and kitchens can also spread bacteria which could put their health at risk. Simple solutions might include hiring a senior in home care service or a cleaner once every week. This will ensure that their home is safe and pleasant for them to live in.

Unexplained bruises

As we get older, our bodies tend to bruise more easily. But if you’ve noticed severe bruises on their arms or legs which they cannot explain, this should be a cause for concern. They could be a result of a fall that your parents don’t want to tell you about. Falling can be caused by a number of things from medical issues to uneven surfaces. As well as causing bruising, they also increase the risk of broken bones and head injuries. So if you’ve noticed your parents have bruising on more than one occasion, don’t ignore it. Take them to see a doctor as soon as possible.

do your parents need help at home


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Forgetfulness is expected as we get older, and it’s something that is not always considered serious. But if your parents are more forgetful than normal, it’s not something that should be overlooked or joked about. It could cause your Mom or Dad to forget to pay their bills, miss appointments or even forget where they live. This can put their homes, health, and safety at risk, which is naturally something you will want to avoid. There are many causes of forgetfulness from depression to medication. So if you’ve noticed a significant change in their memory, more care and assistance will be required.

If you recognize one or a combination of these telltale signs, it’s likely your parents need help. As difficult as it might be, talk to your parents about your concerns and ask what you can do to help them. Whether it’s organizing a visit to a nursing home or taking them to the doctors, your help will be welcomed with open arms.



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