Planning A Trip To The UK As A Family: A Guide

Planning A Trip To The UK As A Family

The UK has so much to offer, and there’s more to it than just London. In fact, there’s a lot more, so be sure to travel around to see the beaches, the outstanding countryside, to take trains through rural areas, and most of all, to enjoy yourselves and ensure that each member of your clan is happy. The UK might be small, but there’s plenty to do providing you plan your trip well and decide what each day should entail. You’ll be able to pack your vacation full to the brim with fun activities, laughter, relaxation, and sightseeing just as long as you think ahead and plan in advance. In order to succeed in doing this, continue on to read the following guide: 

Decide What You’re All After 

First things first, ensure that every single member of your family is happy and willing to get involved in every step of your plan. Ask your kids to go away and think about some of the activities they’d like to get involved and what they’d like to see while in the UK. Make compromises where you must, but you should be confident knowing that you’re all excited and eagerly looking forward to each aspect of your trip. 

Avoid Tourist Traps 

If you’re planning on exploring London, then be prepared to be surrounded by others, getting on and off packed tubes, and having a problem to find seating in restaurants and parks. London is a bustling city, however, you can avoid certain tourist traps by thinking ahead and prioritizing. A good idea to avoid tourist traps is to do your research, and visit in quieter times of the year. Summer will be crowded, and the schoolchildren will be off school, so think about timing your visit to correspond with the less hectic season. To make tube journeys a little less stressful, avoid peak times and travel after 9 am and before 4 pm. 

Escape To The Country 

To relax and enjoy a quieter time, escape to the expansive English countryside. Here you will find rolling hills, rivers, large open spaces, and beaches too. Sussex is renowned as being one of the most glorious landscapes in the UK, and it’s well worth staying here and absorbing the charm and seeing some of the idyllic villages. Consider staying in a traditional English Amberley House Cottage Holidays to get a real feel for the place, and go out hiking, cycling, and walking in the South Downs. 

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See The North and South 

Explore both the North of England and the South while you’re here. Large cities in the North have so much to offer and can be just as exciting as London but without the droves of people and the underground. Consider seeing the likes of Manchester and Liverpool, as both cities are rich in culture and boast a friendly atmosphere. While you’re here, be sure to see theatrical shows, music concerts, and gigs, get on and off the trams, and visit Liverpool docks. When further down South, swing by Portsmouth, Brighton (for sheer liveliness), and Bournemouth. 


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