Kodak Smile and the Polaroid Mint -When You Want Your Photos Right Now

Kodak Smile and the Polaroid Mint -When You Want Your Photos Right Now

Disclosure:  I received the above products in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.

Whether it is summertime or back to school time there is always a reason to snap a photo.  What is even better is to be able to print it right then to share with others.  I want to share with you today about the Kodak Smile and the Polaroid Mint.  These are both great for teachers and students.  Really anyone wanting to take quick photos and be able to use them for crafts, birthday cards, the possibilities are endless.

First I want to share with you about the Kodak Smile, what it does and where you can get your own.

Kodak Smile and the Polaroid Mint -When You Want Your Photos Right NowThe Kodak Smile

Since we have so many reasons to smile it only makes sense this one is called The Kodak Smile.  This camera is an instant print digital camera that will make you excited to take photos.  You will love that this camera uses zero ink technology to print HD quality photos on 2″x3″ sticky-backed photo paper.  This is great for making projects!

You will love the trendy sliding design unlike the ‘instant’ Kodak camera of when I was a kid that was bulky to lug around.  It is compact with its unique slide-out protective case.  Also, the sturdy polyresin casing glides open wide to reveal an 8mm lens which has automatic focus!

It has user-friendly features so anyone from a young kid to an adult will be able to enjoy this fun camera.  The 10MP camera is simple to take, edit and share photos where ever you are!  Plus features that include auto flash, LCD viewfinder, built-in editor, 2 picture modes and fixed focus.

Batteries are no longer a worry because your instant print camera is rechargeable!! with the included mini USB cable.  You will get up to 40 prints on a single charge while editing and viewing photos in memory or via your microSD.

Are you ready to get out in style with this mini camera-printer combo that is not only light, slim and small like a phone?  If you don’t want to put it in your pocket or bag, use the strap slot to carry and be ready for that next ‘can’t miss’ shot!

Get Your own Kodak Smile today on Amazon which is available in 5 different colors at the time of writing this post.

Now we have the Polaroid Mint which you are going to love.  Mainly it will make you want to have both! I am thankful I didn’t have to decide between this one and the Kodak Smile.

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Kodak Smile and the Polaroid Mint -When You Want Your Photos Right Now

Polaroid Mint Instant Print Digital Camera

This little handheld device is awesome.  You are able to take 16-megapixel photographs and instantly print on 2″x3″ sticky-back paper.  The zero ink technology is not only innovative but cost-effective. You won’t need to buy expensive toner as the zinc cartridges have the paper and ink combined.  You can buy as little as 20 sheet packs or up to 50 sheets.

The vertical orientation gives it a modern design which allows you to take pictures upright just like your cell phone.  The only difference is your cell phone won’t shoot out a photo right after you take it.

With 6 easy picture modes, you can choose from black & white, vintage, bright crisp photos with vibrant color.  You will also love that you can choose 1 of 5 vibrant colors for your Polaroid Mint pocket-sized camera which only weighs 6oz. The Mint comes with a starter pack of ZINK paper, a charging cable, and a wrist strap.

You can purchase one on Amazon here.

Kodak Smile and the Polaroid Mint -When You Want Your Photos Right Now

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