Precarious Prams – The Hidden Dangers of Cheap Prams

Precarious Prams - The Hidden Dangers of Cheap Prams

Raising kids is hard work. Totally rewarding and worth it, but hard work nevertheless. And it can be expensive as well. Especially as they get older and begin to participate in sports, dance, martial arts or other activities. So many new parents looking to scrimp and save and begin to put money towards their child or children’s future. So it can be quite tempting to cut some corners and buy cheaper toys, products and baby necessities. Yet there’s one area where you shouldn’t cheap out and that’s on a pram. Read on to find out more.

Why You Need a Good Quality Pram

Whether you’re buying a single or double pram, make no mistake, you need to invest in something that is halfway decent. To start with, a decent quality pram will stand the test of time and last you years and years. By the time your kids are walking around of their own free will and you don’t need your pram anymore, you’ll be able to sell it and make some of your money back.

Secondly, a cheaper pram will simply plain break after a while. A wheel will fall off, or a handheld will snap, or the mechanism that allows it to fold up and fit in the car will malfunction leaving you with an unruly pram that won’t plain fit anywhere at all.

Thirdly, you absolutely cannot take a risk of having your prams’ brakes fail on you, especially if you’re traveling on public transport or on busy city streets. Working brakes are essential for your child’s safety and your peace of mind, so do yourself a favor and don’t skint on this purchase.

They’re Uncomfortable

As a parent, your children’s safety, comfort and health, and wellbeing should be the utmost priority. You want your little bundle of joy to be safe, sound and to be able to develop into a smart, well-rounded and happy child. A cheap pram or stroller is just uncomfortable for them, full stop. Pram ergonomics are a thing and you may be causing your child pain and discomfort by popping them in a cheap, discount store stroller. So invest in your kid’s health, and save money on chiropractor or osteopath fees down the line by getting a good quality pram from the get-go.

You’ll Look a Bit Tacky

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Unfortunately, no one can be as judgemental or as catty as new parents, and especially new mums. If you’re in a mother’s group or are mixing with other parents at social events then chances are you’ll leave yourself open to judgment. While we always try to advise to let the gossip and sniping slide off your back like the proverbial water off a duck’s, having a cheap pram simply leaves you open to thinly veiled criticism or open hostility. So do your sanity a favor and don’t cheap out on a pram. While you don’t need to spend thousands on a high tech number that can charge your smartphone, at least get something decent and middle of the road.

To Sum it All Up

For a number of reasons, you should probably invest in a good quality pram. You don’t want your pram to break or malfunction, and you certainly don’t want the brakes to fail on you. Also, you may be able to sell a good pram once your kids’ outgrow it. Your child deserves to be comfortable and cosy in their pram, so ergonomics are important. Finally, although it’s a shame that parents can be so judgemental, avoid giving them something to gossip about by avoiding a cheap pram or stroller.


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