Preventive Maintenance Checklist that will Help Your Car

Preventive maintenance checklist that will help your car road-ready

Preventive maintenance checklist that will help your car road-ready for a long time.

When it comes to your car, you need to maintain the same in good condition with regular maintenance. This should enable you to ensure that your car remains in working condition for a long time while also making sure that no major issues flare-up. Here is a collated checklist of essential maintenance tips, which you need to follow to make sure your car remains in pristine, working condition. Check it out,

  • Battery: the battery is the power system of your car; it is the beating heart of your vehicle and with it, your car is not going to power up. Check your car’s battery regularly, make sure that it is sludge and residue-free so that it continues to operate seamlessly. If your battery does not look good and you want to replace the battery on your old car, then you can search online for car parts wellington. You should be able to get it replaced without hassle.
  • Brakes: Your brakes are essential for the smooth functioning of your vehicle for obvious reasons. So make sure that you check your car brakes regularly and get a mechanic to check it periodically. Ask him to check the brake fluids and that the brakes are in working condition.
  • Lights: This is something that you can handle on your own; you need to make sure that all your lights are in working condition, starting from your headlights. Whether you are heading out to the office or just about to leave on a road trip, make it a point to check and see if your headlights, rear, signal, hazard, and others are working just fine. Remember, that when you are driving in the dark, you would require your lights so it makes sense to check them regularly. And if any of the lights are not working, then just Google search for Car parts Christchurch and get them replaced.
  • Oil: You must make sure your car’s engine is well lubricated at all times. You would also need to change the oil and your oil filter regularly to ensure that it stays that way. For smooth functioning of your vehicle, make sure that you change both the oil filter as well as the oil periodically. After all, you would not want your car to seize up when you are in the middle of a busy highway, would you?
  • Water level: You must check the water level in your radiator often. The water in the radiator prevents it from overheating and if the water level drops way down, then your radiator may even develop cracks over prolonged use. Make sure that you check your radiator to ensure the water in the same remains at optimum levels.
  • Tires: You must check your tires for tire pressure and signs of wear and tear. You may want to check out the treads in the tire and if it is too worn out, then that is a sign that you need to get the tire replaced right away. To maintain a strong grip on the road, you need to make sure that your tires have strong treads and you also need to check the air pressure in the same at regular intervals as well.
  • Fuel: When it comes to fuel, make sure that you opt for premium quality fuel instead of the discounted version. This should enable you to extend the life of your car while making sure that it continues to operate at peak condition. And make sure that you have enough fuel in your car when you head out.

This is the essential maintenance checklist that you need to follow diligently to ensure that your vehicle remains in prime working condition for long. In addition to all of the above, you may also want to regularly wash and clean up your car so that it continues to look good as well. And with the tips and suggestions listed above you should be able to ensure that your car remains in working condition for long,


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